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Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

Bright yellow-green stands out and conveys a sense of joy and optimism as well as a connection with nature that is complemented by the lush tree icon. The triangular frame enhances the brand message of growth and energy, while the display characteristics of the aquamarine Fjalla One typeface help the business name hold its own in this strong design.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The business name in the gray Cairo typefaces shines in this logo, with a balance of classic and contemporary tastes that provide easy reading. The twisting trunk of a tree becoming a person is a strong indication of health, wellness, and strength that works well with the tranquility and peacefulness provided by the light blue color.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

Fork-shaped palm trees give this design a fun, quirky edge, telling customers your restaurant has a tropical, beachy theme. Bright green helps to lighten the somber dark gray tone, and hints at organic foods and a commitment to nature, while the Sarabun typeface adds a strong, professional edge that assures customers of reliable service.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The bare branches of a tree at night create an eerie effect often used in movies and stories, casting this design in a gothic light. The white circle behind the tree resembles the full moon, adding a spiritual vibe to this logo that could work well for an occult store. The white Noto Serif typeface, on the other hand, highlights a classic aesthetic.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

Rolling fields disappearing into the distance give this design a dynamic sense of motion as if one were going on a quiet country walk. This idea is complemented by the natural brown tones with bright yellow-green enhancing the sense of calmness. The tall and lean Miriam Libre typeface adds a clean, minimalistic vibe to the design.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

Sky blue creates a sense of peace, serenity, and spirituality that works well with the tree icon, symbolizing growth and life. The stark black coloring and square style of the Blinker typeface highlights your brand name, making it instantly recognizable. The person swinging from the tree could indicate freedom or a business that trims trees.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The elegant Josefin Sans typeface has a vintage feel that conveys a profound meaning in this design. Together with the iconic depiction of a Christmas tree, this logo displays a strong sense of tradition and familial heritage. The classic green and red Christmas color palette enhances these themes for a bright, happy holiday logo.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The classic Cinzel typeface sets the scene for a professional business focused on tradition and yet open to modern innovations. This austere theme is complemented by the grayish-brown color palette, which conveys a sense of safety that clients can trust. Meanwhile, the vertebrae blooming with life and lush leaves highlight the business niche.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

An abstract tree hints at health and life, and the rejoicing figure sends the message that clients will feel renewed and grow into their ultimate selves when using your services. These themes are enhanced by the use of green, also symbolic of growth and rebirth. The geometric Poppins typeface in black provides a stable base for this upliftment.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The Roboto Condensed typeface has a natural rhythm that makes a nice accompaniment to the image of a healthy tree. The natural wood-effect frame around the tree enhances this idea and also complements the rounded typeface for a welcoming effect. Meanwhile, the earthy brown tones in this logo are the perfect choice for a nature-inspired brand.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The lush, mature tree and beautiful forest green color palette work together in this design to convey a connection to nature as well as the idea of growth, harmony, and well-being. This strong, bold design is aesthetically contrasted by the slender letters of the Cardo typeface, which furthers the sense of a distinguished, powerful business.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

Lime green and dark violet are eye-catching colors with sharp contrasts that will make your logo stand out from the competition. In contrast to these bold clashing colors, the placid rural scene with abstract trees and puffy clouds is calming and peaceful. Meanwhile, the squat, fat letters of the Cinzel typeface create a strong base for the design.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

A hexagon is a strong symbol of harmony and balance, and here it provides a solid base for the tree that takes shape in the negative space. The green and blue color palette works well with this idea of harmony, and gives life to the design, while the fairly neutral Cuprum typeface subtly highlights the business name without distracting from the icon.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

A neutral, earthy brown color palette tells customers your business is rooted in stability and wholesomeness, assuring customers of personal, trustworthy service. The large tree reinforces this message and conveys your business's intentions to grow, and the geometric Alatsi typeface completes the brand message of trust, calm, and familiarity.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The chunky Slackey typeface adds a fun element that denotes your business as family-friendly all the way! The star-accented Christmas tree complements this aesthetic and brings to life the joy and fun of decorating the Christmas tree. The classic yellow-green and red color palette reinforces the theme and hints at long-standing traditions.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

Thin lines of bright yellow-green immediately catch the eye against this dark background and white text, resonating with enthusiasm and a love of nature that is complemented by the looped style of the Pattaya typeface, which adds a casual, laid-back atmosphere. The just budding tree hints at future growth, life, and longevity for your business.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The bold Blinker typeface dominates this design in black, bringing a flamboyant style to your design that is complemented by the glowing red-orange sunset. This bright color conveys a playful energy that is vibrant and engaging, inviting the viewer to step into the scene of palm trees, birds, and the sun setting over a warm summer beach.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

This design would make a great logo for a therapy center, as the tall tree stands to witness the growth of your patients. This idea of evolution is continued in the circular frame, as well as the fresh green color that symbolizes renewal and the growth of spring. The straight and wide letters of the PT Sans Caption typefaces add a contemporary feel.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The Alegreya Sans SC typeface in italics gives this logo a dynamic sense of forward momentum that is echoed by the placement of the reindeer, walking toward the Christmas tree. This design hints at life, future growth, and innovation, while the dark pink brings a heightened sense of emotion to the logo, showing your passion for this brand message.

Tree logo for a business called Rooted Deep. Edit

The natural green and light blue color palette highlights the rural setting of a river flowing through a stand of trees. This nature scene encourages peace and tranquility and highlights your business's connection with nature. The unusually wide letters and serifs of the Podkova typeface resemble a horseshoe, complementing the theme.

Tree Service Logos

10 cutting-edge logo suggestions for your tree service business.


  1. Define your target audience and the type of services you offer to decide what logo aesthetics will work best.
  2. Do research on designs with a tree theme to look for inspiration.
  3. Use a logo maker to find interesting tree graphics.
  4. Personalize your favorite designs by experimenting with a wide range of colors and fonts.
  5. Show some designs to your family and friends and ask for feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to tweak the best option and download it.

What do tree logos mean?

Logos with a tree motif generally symbolize security, stability, wisdom, and nature. If your business is related to nature or medicine, or you are looking to build an image of a reliable, solid brand, a design with this motif will be perfect just for you. Take a look at our collection of logo ideas for inspiration.

  • Timberland.
  • The Mulberry Story.
  • Malibu Rum.
  • Stanford University.

You can use Zarla to find Tree of Life logos that can be customized and downloaded in both PNG and vector formats for free.

What should a modern tree logo look like?

A great modern design trend is to use minimalism in your logo. Use a simple line drawing of a tree in a single color with a straight-forward, legible font for a timeless, simple tree logo.

What are some great ideas for tree logo images?

  • A solid, detailed rendering of a tree enclosed in a circle.
  • A combination of a figure and a tree, representing the flourishing of customers.
  • A pine tree in a festive setting, such as surrounded by lights.
  • A palm tree with a fork-shaped trunk.

Can I have a tree logo for my brand?

A tree in your logo would make a great brand as it is strong, recognizable, and memorable. A tree logo conveys a connection to nature, or a focus on growth, life, and wisdom.

Where can I find a tree logo in PNG format?

You can create, edit, and download a tree logo for free with Zarla. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our designs above, or use our logo maker to get started.

What should a family tree logo look like?

When designing a logo for your family tree business, the sky is the limit. Consider using an intricate line drawing of a tree with lots of twists and turns to hint at the spreading branches of a family and the connections therein.

If your business has a winter theme or revolves around Christmas, a pine tree logo would work well. However, pine trees can also be used for hiking gear businesses or a business that wants to portray a message of durability and long-lasting life.

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