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Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

The combination of the French Monsieur La Doulaise typeface and the oak barrel in the icon lends this brand an air of tradition, suggesting a wine making process that leans toward the aging of fine wines. This air of exclusivity is continued in the monochromatic color palette, which conveys a refined, sophisticated wine brand.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

A dominant green color palette highlights notions of organic farming and sustainable harvesting practices. This idea is reinforced by the nature-inspired icon, which reminds customers of the vineyards your grapes are grown in, while the Cardo typeface lends a formal, classic flair to a design that is perfect for organic wines.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

The clever combination of a wine glass and a fork can be used to highlight a restaurant famous for its bold wine menu and perhaps one that specializes in wine pairings. Red is a fantastic color for a food and wine business, as it heightens the appetite, and the Parisienne typeface reminds customers of the culture famous for top quality wines.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

If you own a bottling company that works with vineyards during the wine making season, this logo is for you! The large heart shows your love of the industry and leads the eye to the Titillium Web typeface, conveying your brand's focus on innovation. Meanwhile, dark blue will encourage vineyard owners to trust in your business.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

A soft green color palette creates a soothing atmosphere, and is perhaps a subtle reference to the "to your health" toast. The laurel leaves around the wine glass suggest award-winning wines, and hint at the longevity of wine and its ancient roots. The weathered Averia Libre typeface accentuates this sense of history, adding a vintage vibe.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

The Lily Script One typeface dominates this design with its bold letters, adding a romantic aesthetic to this design that suggests your wine is meant to be enjoyed on special occasions. The detailed floral icon seems to enhance this idea and tells the story of your wine brand. Meanwhile, the plum color palette complements the romantic air.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

This beautiful indigo background creates a sense of calm, peace, and spiritual awareness that works well with the icon of a winged bottle. This design suggests a brand that develops and sells transcendent wines, to be enjoyed in casual settings with friends. The strong Days One typeface helps the business name to stand out in this bold logo.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

The gentle Signika typeface, designed for signage, will ensure your business name catches the eye of shoppers and wine connoisseurs. The barrel icon tells the story of barrel-aged wines that are full-bodied and rich in flavor, while the subtle star hints at excellence. The soft red tones suggest a business that specializes in red wines.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

A dark gold color palette creates an elegant design with a vintage aesthetic that looks back at the Vinalia festivals celebrated in ancient Rome. The berry-filled wreath conveys the fertility of nature and the harvesting of the grapes, while the Marcellus SC typeface, inspired by Roman inscriptions, complements the classical flair of this design.

Wine logo for a business called La Wine. Edit

A text-based logo can be a good option for a professional wine brand, as it emphasizes the business name. The Advent Pro typeface has modern characteristics that convey a contemporary, trendy vibe, while the burgundy color palette mirrors the color of a fine red wine. This design would be great for a modern, innovative wine company.

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  1. Consider your target market and brand identity and how you can portray them in your logo.
  2. Research your competitors' logos for inspiration and to see what's already been done.
  3. Use a logo maker to generate unique logo ideas.
  4. Experiment with color combinations, icons, and fonts until you have about ten potential designs.
  5. Show your designs to potential customers and ask for feedback.
  6. Choose the best wine logo and download it.

Where can I download a wine logo design for free?

You can create, edit, and download wine logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

Where can I download a wine logo in PNG or vector format?

Zarla is a free logo maker that lets you create and download wine logos in both PNG and vector formats. PNG logos are perfect for branding as they can be downloaded with a transparent background, while vector logos can be scaled without losing resolution.

How do I come up with wine logos and names?

First, use NameSnack, a free AI-powered name generator, to come up with a unique name idea for your wine brand. Once you are happy with your brand name, use Zarla to design an eye-catching, evocative logo.

What are some famous wine logos?

  • Wente Vineyards.
  • The Wine Group.
  • Rutherford Wine Company.
  • Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.
  • E. & J. Gallo Winery.

What are some good wine logo images?

A great image for your winery will tell a story and be meaningful to your brand. You could use an image of the vineyards to remind customers where the wine originates, an image from mythology to highlight the time when wine was first created and enjoyed, or an image that speaks to you and references the origins of your brand and/or name.

What wine logo font should I use?

When it comes to wine labels, there is no limit on which fonts to use and which would look best. The best wine font for your label depends on how you want to portray your brand. For example, you can use a clear, easy-to-read font such as Cardo or Signika to ensure your brand name pops on the label. For a more elegant, refined feel, go for a cursive font such as Parisienne or Elsie Swash Caps.

You can use Zarla to design and download red wine logos for free. This intuitive logo maker offers a variety of icons with a wide range of beautiful red color palettes for you to choose from.

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