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Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The beautifully decorated butterfly wings soften the geometric pencil icon, symbolizing the freedom from boundaries that can be gained through education. Tones of blue enhance this message, conveying the intelligence, knowledge, and leadership qualities of your school, while the serious-looking Sarabun typeface adds an institutional aesthetic.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The geometric Sen typeface provides the brand with a stable base on which to build and adds a subtly friendly aesthetic. The monochromatic purple color palette conveys a brand that is creative and promises high-quality products or services, while the angel wings spread over the business name symbolize the success of that business.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

A black-and-white color palette creates an elegant image of style, timelessness, and power —a great brand message for a clothing brand. The winged figure adds dynamic energy to the design and represents freedom, while the subtle flair on the Philosopher typeface's serifs creates an eye-catching detail and aids with brand memorability.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

This eagle with spread wings would be a great mascot for a sports brand, as it symbolizes speed, power, and victory. The techno-futuristic Audiowide typeface says this sports brand is always innovating and looking to the future to succeed, while the dark color palette brings a serious aesthetic that promises professionalism and good sportsmanship.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

Tones of green send a brand message of renewal, growth, and new beginnings. The abstract winged emblem evokes speed, elegance, and power, suiting a car brand. The point of the emblem leads the eye to the classic Cinzel typeface, giving this logo a sense of tradition and establishment that will appeal to customers looking for a trustworthy brand.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The Fjalla One typeface's tall letters create a strong logo for online marketing and branding. The abstract wing on only one side of the icon hints at the speed and movement of the car. The appropriately named Porsche, a soft peach color, adds warmth and highlights the joy of a beautiful car, and dark blue hints at the trustworthiness of the brand.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The geometric style of the Enriqueta typeface creates a harmonious, well-balanced design that is visually pleasing. The winged emblem holding a lion emphasizes the brand's power, prestige, and excellence, highlighting a brand that pushes boundaries and searches for success. The use of black makes for an elegant, modern, and timeless design.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The pinkish-red color adds energy and confidence to this brand, highlighting the power customers will feel using your products or services. The Saira Condensed typeface highlights the business name with tall, clean letterforms that stand up to the bold icon, the winged skull of which symbolizes the freedom of the soul and adds a sense of hope.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The plane soaring through the stars is perfect for a toy brand, conveying the freedom children get when playing with their favorite toys. Bright pink serves to catch children's eyes, conveying a brand message of hope, warmth, and comfort. Meanwhile, the cartoon style of the Ribeye typeface enhances the playfulness of this design.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The classic Cardo typeface brings prestige to this brand and tells a story, providing the perfect base for a strong, news-worthy business. The black and white color palette complements this theme, highlighting the authority and elegance of your business. Meanwhile, the abstract wings offer customers an opaque, mysterious brand mark to contemplate.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The winged sneaker is a reference to Hermes, the Greek messenger god, symbolizing swiftness and freedom —perfect for a running shoe brand. The clean lines of the Jomolhari typeface complement the classic theme of this icon and convey a sense of tradition, while blue conveys expertise and encourages customers to trust in your brand.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

Bright orange helps the business name to stand out, conveying the creativity and adventure of embarking on a new business venture. The techno Audiowide typeface says your brand has the ambition to keep up with modern trends and constantly innovate, while the wings on the plate indicate a speedy and efficient food delivery service.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The soft red icon gives this design a dreamy, romantic quality that, when combined with the winged bicycle, conveys a speedy delivery service specializing in romantic gifts. The wings add a sense of movement to the design, and the Oswald typeface optimizes this logo for an e-commerce business, creating the perfect digital brand logo.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

A bird soaring through the sky symbolizes freedom and agility and conveys a brand message of adventure and progress. Green adds a tranquil aesthetic that evokes growth and harmony, complementing the freedom of the icon. Meanwhile, the sunny Lato typeface is friendly but also provides a stable base to build your brand on.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

Vivid yellow-orange shines in this dark design like a neon sign, drawing attention to the logo and conveying a positive, enthusiastic brand message. The wings on either side of the tire evoke the movement of the car on high-quality tires. Meanwhile, the geometric Monda typeface complements the business sign theme, conveying professionalism.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

Tones of blue convey expertise and skill, encouraging trust in the loyalty of your brand. The wings on the truck create a sense of movement in the logo and suggest a speedy delivery service. Meanwhile, the unique KoHo typeface combines mechanical and humanistic styles to convey a brand message of technology enhancing the personal touch.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The athletic look of the Playball typeface makes use of sweeping letters to add dynamic energy to this design. It is complemented by the abstract wing design, which enhances the sense of motion and creates a feeling of freedom and upliftment. Light gold complements the simple lines of this design, conveying elegance and sophistication.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The strong color palette of near-black creates the impression of security for your parcels and enhances the modern simplicity of this logo. The wings on the box hint at a speedy delivery or postal service, while the friendly Lato typeface adds warmth to this otherwise cool design, encouraging customers to use your services.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

Vivid purple shines in this logo, conveying a brand message of luxury, extravagance, and high-quality products. The butterfly floats above the business name, symbolizing beauty, change, and growth, while the retro Caudex typeface adds an elegant typewritten style that helps the brand name shine. This is a strong logo for a fashion brand.

Wing logo for a business called Wing Kings. Edit

The abstract wings on either side of the camera shutter give the appearance of an aviation design — perfect for a business specializing in drone photography. The serious icon is softened by the bright, sky blue, creating a sense of tranquility and peace. Meanwhile, the monolinear Poppins typeface complements the geometric style of this logo design.

Butterfly Logos

15 stunning butterfly logo designs for any business type.


Wings can have different interpretations in a logo, including freedom, flourishing, or exploring boundaries. Depending on what they are juxtaposed with, they can also indicate heavenly experiences or speedy service. Used with an emblem design, wings will perfectly highlight the high class and prestige of the brand. Take a look at our examples for inspiration on how to use wings in a logo.

Currently, it is mostly the automotive industry that uses wings in their logos. However, wings can be very symbolic for other business types. Try out our logo maker and customize a wing logo template for your business.

What car logo looks like wings?

  • Bentley.
  • Mazda.
  • Aston Martin.
  • Genesis.
  • MINI.
  • Rezvani.
  • Lagonda.
  • Chrysler (2009-2023).

Where can I download wings logo ideas for free?

You can create, edit, and download a free wing logo on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our designs or by using our logo maker.

What are some cool wings logo ideas?

To create a cool wing logo, it is best to go for a modern, simple look. Try abstract wings, made up of different-sized lines, on either side of an emblem, combined with a dark color palette and a clean, geometric typeface, such as Poppins or Monda.

How can I create wings logo ideas for my business?

  1. Define the specialty and unique features of your brand.
  2. Consider how to most effectively incorporate wings into your design.
  3. Use a logo generator to look for graphics that perfectly match your company's profile.
  4. Experiment with different combinations of selected icons, stylish colors, and attractive fonts.
  5. Ask your friends for their opinions, and then choose the design that gets the best feedback.

Should I use a wings logo for my brand?

Using wings in your logo depends on the brand message you want to send. Wings can be used to convey freedom, speed, movement, exploring boundaries, and spiritual experiences. Their meaning can also change slightly when used with different symbols.

Where can I find simple wings logo ideas?

Try Zarla's free AI-powered logo maker to generate hundreds of wing logo templates in seconds from just a few input keywords. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free.

Can I design a wings logo with a name?

Absolutely. Head over to NameSnack to create a unique business name for your brand, then use Zarla's logo maker to create a wings logo that features your business name.

Can I use a wings logo for a brand of clothing?

A logo with wings can be a great idea for a clothing brand. It will indicate the unusual style of your creations, as well as their confidence-building qualities. You can use wings alone, or icons of creatures that have them, such as a butterfly, a bird, or an angel.

What are some examples of wings logos images?

  • Butterflies.
  • Angels.
  • Fairies.
  • Airplanes.
  • Abstract wings.
  • Winged skulls.
  • Winged emblems.

Should my wings logo be in PNG format?

A wing logo in PNG format is good for branding as it can be downloaded with a transparent background. This means that the logo design can be used on various marketing materials, and can be converted into stickers for use on promotional items.

Where can I download a wings logo in vector format?

You can create a wings logo and download it in vector format for free on Zarla's logo maker. Vector images are perfect for marketing as they can be resized without losing resolution.

Where can I find ideas for my wings logo design?

  • Research the meaning behind using wings in a logo and consider if it suits your brand message.
  • Look through your business plan for design ideas.
  • Research other winged logos for inspiration.
  • Use a logo maker to design wing logo options.
  • Ask potential customers for ideas.

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