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Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

This cute design uses a pink and blue color scheme to suggest a fun and trendy cosmetics company. The icon of lipstick takes center stage, indicating that your brand creates products that will plump and beautify clients' lips. The elegant lines of the El Messiri typeface add a touch of refinement.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

The black backdrop of this logo gives the design a mysterious and sultry appeal, allowing the yellow elements to pop. The droplet with petal accents is a simple and modern symbol that suggests rejuvenating moisturizers and floral fragrances. The refined Marcellus typeface adds a stylish touch.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

A bright red pair of sensual lips are center stage in this logo and are sure to grab attention. The sparkles may hint at how radiant your customers will feel after using your products. The charmingly playful Lily Script One typeface in black accentuates the flirtatious appeal of the design.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

This icon's refined linework speaks volumes thanks to its vibrant pink color. Together with the dark brown Monoton typeface's edgy appeal, it creates a stylish and youthful image. Whether your cosmetics business specializes in lash extensions or mascara, this design will match your brand's fun vibe.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

This logo's soft green backdrop conveys a feeling of naturalism, suggesting that your beauty brand creates clean, organic products. The icon of brushes creates a strong symbol that lets clients know exactly what your business offers. The blocky Monserrat typeface completes the design's neat look.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

The simple flower icon, displayed in a soft pink color, has a delicate yet regal appeal. This could suggest that your cosmetics company caters to a mature clientele in search of products that are gentle on the skin. The Noto Serif typeface's sophisticated look is accentuated by the dark red color.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

The butterfly icon symbolizes metamorphosis and is commonly used by beauty companies to convey feelings of change and renewal. The pink, white, and black color scheme creates a modern, youthful appeal, which is accentuated by the hand-drawn characters of the Permanent Marker typeface.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

The delicate linework of this floral icon pairs perfectly with the brushed lettering of the Parisienne typeface, creating a refined and stylish appeal. The off-white background enhances the sophisticated look of the design and accentuates the refined impression of the gold and dark gray elements.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

The feminine profile may hint at your company's niche in facial cosmetics, while the circular sprig frame adds an earthy touch that suggests natural ingredients. The angular Noto Serif typeface contrasts the fluid icon beautifully, and the dark backdrop allows the white and orange elements to pop.

Cosmetics logo for a business called Plumpd. Edit

An edgy design that speaks to your cosmetics brand's modern aesthetic. The dark blue lip gloss icon has an intriguing allure, enticing clients to learn more about your beauty products. The lips icon with a mole adds a hint of sensuality to the logo, which is mirrored in the romantic Cookie typeface.

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Where can I download free cosmetics logos?

You can create, edit, and download free cosmetics logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

Where can I come up with some cosmetic logo ideas?

  1. Draw inspiration from your company's products and ingredients.
  2. Do some research to see how competing brands approached their logos.
  3. Make a list of colors, typefaces, icons, and imagery that you would like to incorporate into your logo.
  4. Use a logo maker to create a range of logo templates.
  5. Pick your favorite design and request feedback from family and friends.
  6. Refine the design based on the feedback and download it.

Where can I find the best cosmetics logo images?

We've created a collection of cosmetics logos using Zarla. If you see a design that you like, simply click on the image to adjust the colors, icon, typeface, and composition to create the perfect logo for your brand.

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