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Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

The sweeping, circular frame around the gavel in this icon creates a dynamic sense of motion that invites all customers to your auction business. The vivid orange conveys the excitement and adventure of discovering new treasures. The Sansation typeface is clear, legible, and professional.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

The Miriam Libre typeface draws attention to the business name with its soft, contemporary design, while the bright green color scheme represents growth, renewal, and wealth — good characteristics for an auction business. The gavel below the roof in the icon indicates a real estate auction business.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

This great logo design for an online auction business uses the clear icon of a gavel on a laptop screen to show the business's purpose. The bold lines of the Dosis typeface complement the heavy lines of the icon, and the dark blue background highlights the design and conveys professionalism.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

This complementary red and black color palette stands out and draws attention to the bold icon. The label conveys the retail aspect of your business, while the gavel highlights the business's specialty. The KoHo typeface adds a casual appearance that will assure customers your prices are affordable.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

The Exo typeface sets the stage for an elegant yet futuristic brand. In contrast, the icon of an auction gavel within a speech bubble brings to mind the auctioneer's distinctive speech patterns. The bright orange design conveys enthusiasm, determination, and success — a great brand message.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

The icon of a document and a gavel may reference the behind-the-scenes legalities necessary to run a successful auction house. This idea is complemented by the professional, sophisticated dark blue background, while the Ubuntu typeface adds a friendly element that softens this design.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

The clear letters of the Fjalla One typeface add versatility to this logo so that it can be resized for marketing without loosing resolution. The circular frame around the icon of a gavel and sound block creates a stamp-style effect that is professional, while the red-brown color conveys security.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

Bright red immediately draws attention and calls potential customers to your business. The small gavel within the car icon shows that your auction business focuses on auctioning cars. The classic Cinzel typeface adds a professional and sophisticated atmosphere to this design.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

The ascending bars of the icon depict growth and, combined with the gavel, convey the success of your auction business. The light blue color scheme will foster a sense of tranquility in customers, so they won't be nervous using your services. The squared Changa typeface complements the icon.

Auction logo for a business called Hammer & Lot. Edit

Dark red conveys leadership and shows that your business is at the top of its industry. The hand and magnifying glass may indicate an auctioneer who specializes in finding rare items for auction. The rounded corners of the Rubik typeface are open and inviting, engendering trust in your business.

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What are some great auction logo ideas?

It is a great idea to reference your auction specialty in your logo. For example, if you specialize in real estate auctions, you could use an icon of a house with a gavel. You should also use professional colors, such as dark blues, grays, and black, to foster trust in your customers. A clear, legible typeface such as KoHo or Fjalla One will also benefit your brand.

How can I come up with an auction logo design?

  1. Review your business plan and brand message for ideas.
  2. Research your top competitors to see what works.
  3. Consider your auction business and how you can convey it in a logo.
  4. Use a logo maker to experiment with typefaces, colors, and icons.
  5. Create a few options and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Download the option that best represents your brand.

Where can I find online auction logos?

Use Zarla to design, edit, and download online auction logos for free.

Where can I download auction logos in PNG format?

You can download auction logos in PNG format on Zarla for free. PNG logos are great for versatility as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds.

Where can I find an auction logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download auction logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our home page.

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