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A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

This stylish logo depicts a fashionable person on the go with a handbag to match. It hints that your business caters to an elegant clientele in search of trendy bags to fit their active lifestyle. The pink coffee and color palette denotes chicness and pairs well with the classic Quicksand Bold font.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

The black and grey color scheme conveys professionalism and speaks to your business's high-quality creations. The leaves add a delicate touch that softens the icon to create a lovely design that's pleasing to the eye. The sizeable Pridi SemiBold font ties the logo together beautifully.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

This logo has a warm color palette that denotes comfort and friendliness. The icon depicts a leather-esque bag that will appeal to a trendy target market. The neat Biryani SemiBold font could hint at your brand's expertise and precision, and accentuates the commanding presence of the icon.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

A creative logo with delicate, floral linework that conveys intricacy, implying that your bags are made with care. The daintiness of the design is strengthened by the flowing Sacramento typeface. The gold shade used throughout the logo denotes luxury and will appeal to affluent clientele.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

This understated design suggests that your bag business has a sleek, modern aesthetic and favors minimalistic designs. The dark blue shade symbolizes authenticity and strength, which is perfect for a brand that creates durable designer bags. The neat Viga Regular font grounds the design.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

The purple color of this elegant design speaks to the style and chicness of your bag business, while the geometric icon is a unique interpretation of a box-shaped purse or bag. The Cinzel Bold font has a classic quality to it and suggests that your brand caters to an upmarket audience.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

A refined logo that encapsulates the trendiness of your bag business. The dark backdrop allows the tote bag to stand out and highlights its rosy design, which will appeal to a youthful target market with a grunge aesthetic. The polished Rubik Medium font adds to the modern look of the design.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

The bright pink circle helps the bag icon to pop, which is reminiscent of a custom designer bag. This could imply that your company creates one-of-a-kind bags made to accentuate clients' styles. The dark Blinker Bold font is tightly spaced and draws the eye in, contrasting well with the icon.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

If your bag business is all about floral patterns, eco-friendly materials, and notable designs, this logo design will entice your target market to learn more about your brand. The purple shade, along with the Elsie Swash Caps Regular font, conveys opulence — ideal for a luxury bag brand.

A bag logo for a business called Bags & Co. Edit

Classy and bold, this logo design is a sublime choice for a business that creates bright, colorful bags aimed at customers that want their handbags to make a statement. The dark background creates an impactful image, while the posh handbag icon is accentuated by the linear Rubik Medium font.

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Where can I find free tote bag logos?

You can use Zarla to create, edit, and download tote bag logos for free. Simply click "Edit" beneath one of the logos above or navigate to our home page to start designing a unique logo for your business.

How do I create some designer handbag logos?

  • Research existing designer bag brands and identify common colors, icons, and fonts used.
  • Consider the style of your business and what you'd like its logo to convey.
  • Think about different colors and images that will brand your business as luxurious and exclusive.
  • Use a logo maker to create a unique logo — play around with different colors, fonts, and icons.
  • Once you've designed a great logo, download it from Zarla for free.

What are some cool bag logo images to use?

There's an assortment of images one can use to represent a bag business. A nature-inspired business might opt for a floral icon, while a bag brand that favors elegance and style might want to use a purse to denote luxury. A tote bag icon is great for a trendy bag business, while a backpack is suitable for an outdoor bag brand.

Where can I find a leather bag logo design?

You can navigate to Zarla to create a unique logo for your leather bag business. Alternatively, see our collection of bag logos to spark your imagination.

Where can I find bag logo design inspiration?

You can start getting inspired to design a bag logo by researching existing bag companies and browsing through their logos to get an idea of what works. Once you've decided on what you like, use a logo maker and experiment with different colors, icons, and fonts to get the creative juices flowing.

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