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Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

This eye-catching logo makes a bold statement, letting customers know that your business specializes in high-end jewelry. The color gold instantly communicates class and elegance, while the Inria Serif typeface is clear and versatile, suiting those who are interested in inventive branding.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

This glamorous icon features a traditional diamond and a crown, which promises customers that your jewelry meets the royal standard. In advertising, a rich purple background exudes quality and luxury, making this logo design the ideal fit for an exclusive jewelry brand.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

A modest choice that radiates sophistication and class. The Cardo font steeped in gold helps conjure images of traditional jewelry designs. The sparkling diamond in the icon looks romantic and charming — a quality that is further accentuated by the soft gold and blush tones.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

Simple but still manages to captivate. The intricate icon hints that your jewelry designs are unique and elaborate, while the modest Inria Serif typeface adds a refined touch. In this logo design, white represents purity and purple imbues luxury, two great qualities for an authentic brand.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

The Rosarivo typeface used in this logo is known for its elegance and luxurious quality, an ideal fit for a charming jewelry business. The moon and stars-inspired icon add a touch of playfulness and whimsy, which may suit a jewelry brand aimed at young girls and boys.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

Inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions, the Cinzel Decorative typeface demands attention when paired with this glamorous icon. The crown-inspired icon also promises clients that they'll be treated like royalty, something that's further highlighted by the color gold.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

A fresh and modern take on a versatile logo design. The colorful icons are inspired by three beautiful diamond shapes, suggesting that customers will have a variety of gems to choose from. The elaborate icons pair well with the simplicity of the Inria Serif typeface.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

The classic Cardo font, paired with the diamond-inspired logo, informs customers that they're in expert hands. The intricate circle surrounding the diamond in the icon hints that your business's main focus is creating beautiful jewelry, while the addition of the crown radiates class.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

A marketing gem that will instantly captivate customers! The tasteful diamond ring icon lets clients know that you're the number one store for engagement rings and wedding bands. The contrast formed between the dark background and gold text creates an elegant allure.

Jewelry logo for a business called AdornPearl Edit

A pretty, feminine logo that's perfect for young girls. The combination of the three colors cleverly emphasizes the vivid dimensions of the diamond-inspired icon. The beautiful and modern Abhaya Libre Bold font is a great addition for those looking to start an irreproachable brand.


Consider your customers and what they'll want to see on display in your jewelry store. Be sure to experiment with understated colors that emphasize the classic beauty of jewelry. Once you've created a clear vision for your brand, try using our jewelry logo maker for inspiration.

  • Consider your brand's style and specialty.
  • Use a logo maker for inspiration.
  • Experiment with different placements, icons, and fonts to create a unique design.
  • Ask trusted peers for honest advice.
  • Show your potential designs to your customers and ask for feedback.
  • Choose the popular choice and make it your own.

How can I get a jewelry logo in PNG format?

You can use Zarla, an intuitive jewelry logo maker that allows you to download logos in multiple formats, including PNG and/or vector. The PNG format is great for logos with multiple colors.

  • Research your competitors and identify icons, colors, and fonts that work for them.
  • Play around with the Zarla logo maker to help inspire your designs.
  • Experiment with different colors, placements, and fonts. This should provide you with the tools to create a unique logo.
  • Ask for feedback from friends, family, and potential customers. Highlight the designs and colors that appeal the most to others.

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