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Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

Orange stands out and grabs attention, telling customers about the culinary adventure they'll be transported on when eating your creative bagels. Your products are prominently displayed in this minimalist, contemporary icon that is complemented by the rounded Poppins typeface. This design offers a sense of welcome and friendliness to customers.

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

Sunglasses on a bagel creates a fun, cartoon mascot that will appeal to children — perfect for a family friendly brand. The mechanical yet gentle Roboto Condensed typeface suggests a wholesale brand that manufactures bagels for retail. Meanwhile, the earthy color palette creates visual interest and hints at eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

The Lily Script One typeface's playful curls give this brand a charming quality suitable for an artisanal bagel store. The stack of bagels in the icon suggests a wide range of styles and flavors, while the subtle line in the front bagel showing a filling, hints at delicious bagel fillings on offer. Dark pink shows confidence in your brand.

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

A crowned bagel tells customers that your brand is a leading brand in your industry, offering fabulous and innovative flavors. The bold Denk One typeface optimizes the logo for marketing both online and in print, and will aid in brand memorability, while the use of a dark golden orange brings to mind the scent and taste of freshly baked bagels.

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

A purple background suggests an independent business that focuses on offering extravagance and luxury. The frilled frame on the bagel enhances the sense of handmade luxury, and hints at amazing bagels that would look great on social media. The retro Libre Franklin typeface shows a respect for traditional recipes while still allowing for innovation.

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

A heart within a bagel clearly shows your business's love for bagels, and subtly tells customers that if they love bagels too, they'll shop at your store. Yellow-orange helps this design to shine, and conveys a brand message of excitement and joy. Meanwhile, the well-balanced Nunito typeface provides a stable, trustworthy base for your brand.

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

A monochromatic dark gold color palette gives this design warmth and exclusivity, hinting at the golden brown of a perfectly baked bagel. Wings on the bagel in the icon symbolizes out-of-this world, heavenly flavors and textures, while the modern Oswald typeface makes this design perfect for use in online marketing and branding.

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

Warm brown is a comforting color that will appeal to all potential customers and remind them of the comfort and joy of eating freshly baked goods. Wheat stalks make a delicate frame for the bagel icon and highlight the traditional ingredients used in your bakes, while the contemporary, cute Laila typeface adds an appealing charm to the logo.

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

Bright red draws attention to your brand and encourages a sense of urgency in customers to buy now! The carefree Mali typeface, inspired by children's handwriting, creates a youthful brand identity that promises personal service. This theme is continued through the icon, where bites in the bagel suggest offerings so yummy you can't wait to try it!

Bagel logo for a business called Bagelture. Edit

The rounded corners of the Rubik typeface complement the round bagel in the icon, and create an overall impression of friendliness and welcome. This theme is complemented by the orange tones, suggesting a positive brand with a focus on creativity and adventurous flavors. The bagel as the sun furthers the positivity radiating from this design.

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Where can I download bagel logos for free?

With Zarla's free logo maker, you can create, edit, and download a bagel logo idea by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples and customizing it to your liking.

Where can I get ideas for bagel logo images?

  • Review your brand message and business plan for design inspiration.
  • Research your top competitors for inspiration.
  • Consider why you are starting a bagel business.
  • Think about how you feel when eating a bagel and how you can convey that in an image.
  • Use a logo maker for ideas.

What are some famous bagel logos?

  • Thomas' Breads.
  • Pepperidge Farm.
  • Einstein Bros Bagels.
  • Sara Lee International.
  • Franz Family Bakeries.
  • Nature's Own.

Why should my bagel logo be in PNG format?

PNG images can be downloaded with a transparent background, making them ideal for branding. Use Zarla's free logo maker to download your bagel logo idea in PNG format.

How do I create a bagel logo design?

  1. Define your brand identity and target audience.
  2. Research competitors' logos to get ideas.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with colors, icons, and fonts.
  4. Choose your favorite logos and show them to your inner circle for feedback.
  5. Tweak the top design according to the feedback and download it.

What is a good bagel logo font?

Try fun, cute typefaces that are inspired by sweet treats in your bagel logo, such as Bagel Fat One, Cookie, Corner Deli, or Laila.

Where can I find a bagel logo idea template?

Zarla offers a free AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of bagel logo templates in seconds from a few input keywords. Each template can be customized and downloaded for free in both PNG and vector formats.

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