Donut Logo Ideas:



Donut logo for a business called Cafe Glaze Edit

This logo celebrates the donut by making the icon of a glazed donut large and colorful when compared to the typeface. The expressive and aesthetically pleasing Denk One typeface helps make the logo stand out. The overall feeling evoked by the logo is one of friendly warmth.

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

The Art Deco-style, Fascinate Inline typeface gives the logo a simple playfulness that seems to come from a more carefree past. The white icon and lettering up against a backdrop of rich orange makes the logo memorable and distinctive. The minimalist donut icon is trendy and modern.

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

This bold and simple logo commands the attention with its strong, heavy-stroked Chela One typeface blazed in white across a striking mustard background. The typeface calls to mind strange and exotic places. White represents purity, clarity, and peace. The backdrop is joyful and lively.

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

The restrained, earthy color palette and simple icon give this logo a modern and fresh feel. Adding to this is the tapered strokes of the typeface, Crushed. This is a perfect logo for a trendy brand that is looking to catch the eye of everyone who walks past.

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

The cosmic donut icon of this logo creates a sense of exploration and adventure. The slightly offbeat color scheme adds a quirkiness to the imagery which helps it stand out from the crowd. This logo says, "our donuts are out of this world."

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

Right away, the dark chocolate backdrop evokes chocolate and coffee beans and the white writing and icon, a rich froth or icing. The simplistic icon is given a bit of character by replacing sprinkles with hearts and the Mali typeface lends to the logo a sense of relaxation.

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

This logo is great for how it celebrates the donut with its dripping glazing and how the roundish Dosis typeface mimics subtly the roundness of donuts. The soft, earthy color tones of the logo evoke warmth, homeyness, and familiarity.

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

The seeming imperfection in both the lines in the donut icon and the strokes of the Amatic SC typeface gives this logo a trendy sort of ruggedness or authenticity. The red donut really pops and the lettering looks as if it has been done in chocolate.

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

This charming logo is perfect for a playful, bold brand. By simply placing the romantic Lily Script One type in black on a white backdrop, the designers behind this logo have created an evocative, distinctive logo that is nothing if not bold.

Donut logo for a business called Cafe Donut Edit

This is a great logo for any donut business. While it is minimalistic and somewhat restrained in color, the logo is quite evocative and eye-catching. The Dosis typeface evoke the roundness of donuts and the missing bite from the donut in the icon entices and beckons.


Is there a donut logo maker?

Yes, Zarla is a great donut logo maker.

What makes a good donut logo design?

A good donut logo design celebrates the donut in interesting ways, catches the eye, captures certain qualities and values, and speaks directly to the intended target market.

How do you come up with donut logo ideas?

  • You could study the logos of other businesses to figure out what works best.
  • You can explore different symbols relating to the eating and baking of donuts.
  • You could experiment with colors and typefaces.
  • You could play around on a donut logo maker for ideas.

Zarla is an AI-powered logo maker that allows you to create and customize logos for free. Once you've found the one for your business, you can download it for a fee of $19.00 or $49.00. This is not a recurring monthly charge.

Start by deciding what you want your donut logo to say about the donuts you sell, your shop, and the people who eat your donuts. Ask yourself what in a logo would draw to your shop the type of customer you want. Use our donut logo generator to experiment with color, typeface, and icons and possibly to find the perfect logo.

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