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Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

This bright, vivid orange background brings to mind the golden color of beer, while the white elements act as the foamy top of a draft. The hop head within the glass and the wheat ears reference some of the ingredients of beer, and make your business focus clear, while the rounded Asap typeface creates a friendly and social atmosphere.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

The bold Candal typeface shines in this design, drawing attention to the brand name and creating a sense of fun and originality that is complemented by orange, conveying the creativity of your brand and suggesting a craft beer brewery. The bottle beside a foaming glass of beer clearly defines the business and the style of its products.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

The wreaths used in this icon show that the hops used to make this beer are of the highest quality, meaning that the beer made from them will also be great quality. The Marko One typeface's lively details enhance the eye-catching logo and conveys a brand that is creative and unique. Meanwhile, dark red symbolizes the brand's energy and boldness.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

Bright orange stands out and conveys the creativity of brewing beer as well as the adventure of creating new and exciting flavors. The lightning coming from the beer foam could be seen as divine inspiration for your creations, or a beer that will hit you with its amazing taste! The Krona One typeface complements the strong personality of this logo.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

The large, bold letters of the Saira Condensed typeface draw attention to the business name, aiding with brand memorability, and allow the business name to hold its own against the large, upright beer cask. This icon references traditional methods of making beer and hints at exceptional quality, while dark gray shows professionalism and stability.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

The simple lines of this icon and the futuristic Bruno Ace SC typeface create a trendy logo that clearly defines your brand and will stand the test of time. The typeface's techno style conveys an innovative brand and is complemented by bright orange, showing your business creativity. The beer bottle and trendy glass complement the design perfectly.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

Blue and orange are contrasting colors, so used together they strengthen each other and create a bright, eye-catching design. The tilted beer glass suggests raising a glass and sharing a toast with a group of people, enhancing the joyful, optimistic brand message of this design. The Public Sans typeface is a strong, neutral base to build on.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

The gothic Pirate One typeface creates a stand-out, memorable brand identity and works well online for wider branding and marketing. The wheat running up the glass resembles a football, linking beer and sports for the ultimate sports bar logo. Dark orange highlights the creativity and ambition of your brand and creates an overall positive vibe.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

Wreaths and a star around a barrel suggest award-winning beer of the highest quality, attracting serious beer drinkers to your brand. The Staatliches typeface's unusual proportions give this design a charming aesthetic, encouraging customers to try your brand. Meanwhile, the touches of orange brighten the blue and catch the eye of passersby.

Beer logo for a business called Cold Craft. Edit

Dark red helps this logo stand out from the competition and can energize the viewer and lift their spirits, much as a cold beer can do on a hot day. The palm trees surrounding a foamy glass suggest a beach bar specializing in craft beers, and the modern Miriam Libre typeface shows that this is a trendy, fashionable spot to visit.

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Where can I find beer logos with names?

Try NameSnack, a free AI-powered name generator, to come up with an original, creative business name for your beer business. Once you have a great name, go over to Zarla's logo maker and use our AI-powered generator to design, edit, and download a beer logo idea for free.

What are some good beer logo images?

A good beer logo idea will include an image of your product or images of the ingredients used in the crafting of beer. Consider also trying an image that conveys the feeling you want customers to experience when trying your beer, whether that's relaxed, social, or excited. Check out our beer logo examples for ideas.

How do I design good craft beer logos?

  1. Think about the type of image you want to convey.
  2. Do some research and get inspired by existing craft beer logos.
  3. Identify which colors, fonts, icons, and logo styles best represent your business.
  4. Experiment with a logo generator to create the right design for your brand.
  5. Play with the customization options to design original logo ideas.
  6. Share them with potential customers and ask for their honest feedback.
  7. Choose the best logo.

What are some famous beer logos?

  • Budweiser.
  • Bud Light.
  • Heineken.
  • Corona.
  • Coors Light.
  • Busch.
  • Peroni.
  • Guinness.

Should companies use beer logos without names?

It is not recommended for a startup company to exclude their business name from their logo, as brands just starting out should first build recognition and memorability between their company name and their logo. More established companies may choose to omit their brand name from their logo in a redesign.

However, it is generally the brand name and not the logo that makes an impact on customers, since they need to use the name to order the beer at bars or restaurants.

Where can I download a beer logo in PNG format?

You can create, edit, and download beer logo ideas for free with Zarla's logo maker in both PNG and vector formats. PNG logos are ideal for branding as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds.

Where can I get a beer logo design for free?

Zarla offers a free AI-powered logo maker that will generate hundreds of beer logo ideas in seconds from just a few input keywords.

What are some good beer logo ideas?

Keep your beer logo clean and simple with a strong, legible typeface, such as Staatliches or Public Sans. Add some golden color tones to reference the color of the beer and a clear image that highlights your brand identity, such as hops or a mascot drinking your beer.

Where can I find a beer logo idea template?

You can find beer logo templates on Zarla's logo maker. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our example templates, or go to the logo maker to start from scratch.

Should a beer logo be black and white?

A black and white logo typically shows a powerful yet sophisticated brand. It can be a good choice for a more upscale, perhaps limited edition brand that caters to a more wealthy clientele.

Can my beer logo ideas be funny?

Beer is meant to be enjoyed in a social setting, so your logo can absolutely be funny. A funny beer logo is a great idea for a craft brand that caters to college students, as humor will appeal to this target audience.

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