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Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

Vivid orange brings to mind the crispy feel and yeasty scent of perfectly baked bread and, together with the red brand name, draws attention to your logo. The wreath around the buns symbolizes the excellence and quality of your bakes, while also hinting at an organic brand. The rounded Rubik typeface complements the positivity of the logo color.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

The swirls of this bun icon resemble a cinnamon roll, indicating a bakery that makes both sweet and savory buns. The chocolate brown color enhances the image of a cinnamon roll and adds an earthy warmth that is inviting. Meanwhile, the brush script style of the Pacifico typeface adds a fun, casual quality that conveys a relaxed business atmosphere.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

The even spacing of the Oswald typeface optimizes this logo for use in online marketing and social media. Bright red will grab attention and stop potential customers from scrolling past, drawing interest in your bun brand. The two brioche buns show the variety of bun types that your business makes, as well as the high quality of the bakes.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

The delicate features of this logo allow the hotdog buns to take center stage, highlighting the business focus and drawing the eye into the design. The beautiful use of taupe against dark blue conveys a brand message of sophistication and luxury, while the hand-drawn style of the Amatica SC typeface shows the personal touch of an artisanal bakery.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

The Roboto Condensed typeface flows with a natural rhythm and provides a legible brand name that all customers can read — a good choice for a retail bun brand with customers of all ages. The variety of buns complements this brand idea, while red-orange shows the passion and joy your business puts into the baking of its buns.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

A trio of bagels is a delicious suggestion of a breakfast bun specialty and could work for a niche restaurant or bakery. Tones of gray hint at a mature, stable, and reliable bun brand, while also giving the design a contemporary trend. The Forum typeface contrasts this design style with an antique flair that creates a formal, elegant logo.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

The large hamburger bun dominates this design and demands attention for your brand, clearly defining the business focus. The eye-catching details of the Marko One typeface help the brand stand to hold its own against the large icon, giving the design a lively, amiable character. The earthy beige shines with the color of fresh-backed, yeasty buns.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

The vibrant orange creates a joyfully positive logo that stands out from the crowd and draws attention the the brand. The friendly Mitr typeface works well with this color palette, welcoming all customers to your bun business, which is prominently highlighted by the trio of delicious-looking buns, the patterns of which suggest artisanal baking.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

The large rounded characters of the Dosis typeface send a brand message of openness, welcome, and warmth. This idea is complemented by the earthy brown tones, hinting at deliciously sweet buns and chocolate flavors. The focus on sweet buns is again enhanced by the simple representation of a cinnamon bun as the icon — the perfect logo for a bakery.

Bun logo for a business called Bun That Way. Edit

A light gray-blue adds an element of sophistication and elegance to your logo, indicating a high-end, artisanal brand. The looped Pattaya typeface softens the design with an informal, approachable character that is continued in the abstract and somewhat cartoonish depiction of a seed bun, hinting at hamburgers served at family backyard BBQs.

Bakery Logos

10 delicious logo ideas for your bakery.


How do I create a bun logo design?

  1. Identify what makes your business attractive.
  2. Choose two or three colors you want to use in your design.
  3. Find icons that best reflect your products.
  4. Use a logo maker and generate ideas.
  5. Get feedback from your inner circle and potential customers.
  6. Choose the most liked logo and download it.

What are some good bun logo images?

Your bun logo should definitely use the image of a bun, but the way you portray it depends on the character of your business. You could have an abstract bun for a modern design aesthetic, a cartoon character bun for a family business, depictions of wheat and other natural elements for an organic brand, etc. Take a look at our collection of bun logo ideas for inspiration.

Where can I get a burger bun logo stamp?

You can create a bun logo for free with Zarla's logo maker and use the editor to customize your chosen template. Then, download your logo in PNG format for the transparent background, and you can have a stamp or made or stickers printed using this download.

Why should my bun logo be in PNG format?

PNG logos are ideal for branding because they support transparent backgrounds. You can use Zarla's logo maker to create, edit, and download a bun logo in PNG format for free.

What should my hamburger bun logo look like?

Hamburgers typically use different kinds of buns, so your bun logo could feature brioche buns for a more upscale look or sesame seed buns for the more traditional backyard BBQ look. Combine these icons with an earthy color palette and either a refined or geometric typeface, depending on your brand message.

Can I use a bun logo idea template?

Yes, try Zarla's free templates for your bun logo. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free.

Where can I find a bun logo idea for free?

Zarla's free logo maker generates hundreds of bun logo templates in seconds. Each template can be customized and downloaded completely free of charge.

What is the best logo for buns?

Your bun logo will depend on the aesthetic of your business. If you have an exclusive, organic brand, your logo should include golden brown tones and elegant typefaces with natural elements for the icon. A wholesale bun maker, on the other hand, would have a more simple logo, with either a realistic depiction of a bun or a bun mascot, bright colors, and a simple, geometric typeface.

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