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Chicken Logo Ideas:



Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

A farm that nurtures free-range chicken would love this logo of a majestic chicken grazing beneath a glorious setting sun. Red communicates the love and care you show towards your animals, and the lack of serifs on the Fredoka One typeface make the business name friendly and approachable.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

The Pacifico typeface is the most salient element in this logo. Its carefree loops and swirls present a casual personality and familiarity that instills trust. This makes it ideal for a brand of free-range chicken. The brown color makes a link with nature, suggesting the chicken is hormone free.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

The Slackey typeface has a whacky design that belongs to a brand known for fun, like a family chicken shop. Its unique character makes this logo highly brandable. The golden-colored chicken draws parallels with the famous golden hen, and strong pink adds an element of fantasy into the design.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

Pink is an unusual color for a chicken, but this aids in memorability. It suits a luxury brand that wants to use an animal as its sigil, like Lacoste, and the sky blue color gives the design a plush finish. The chiseled Cardo typeface has a Victorian air that aligns with the luxury aesthetic.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

Light blue represents optimism. Perhaps it symbolizes the open skies on the farm where chicken graze, making a great emblem for a free-range chicken brand. The Orbitron typeface has a bold and authoritative presence that belongs to a confident brand, or a leader in the poultry industry.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

Half-chicken, half-fork, this logo is a suitable choice for a famous chicken restaurant. The red and yellow color combination blends spiciness and the joy of eating great food, perhaps hinting at Asian chicken on offer. The Caudex typeface has sharp serifs that elevate the status of the brand.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

A drumstick is the clearest indicator of tantalizing fried chicken on offer, while the roaring fire hints at flame-grilled splendor. Gray conveys professionalism while red mimics the passion you have for grilling. The toned-down Dosis typeface has a conservative style that balances the bold icon.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

Baby chickens are great mascots for a children's clothing brand and make a cute chicken logo. Purple conveys magic and yellow-green is a playful color that perfectly suits the quirky icon. The Kanit typeface is evenly spaced, creating plenty of breathing room that's pleasing to the eye.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

Minimalism is the theme of this logo. The icon of a chicken lacks detail yet has a strong presence. The dark gray color belongs to a premium and classy brand, like an upmarket chicken restaurant, and the serifless Baloo Bhai 2 typeface is thin and stylish, balancing out the boldness of the icon.

Chicken logo for a business called Peck & Pen. Edit

If you want your business name to stick, you might benefit from using a text-only logo. A business name that signals chickens, paired with a memorable typeface such as Pacifico, makes an effective logo for a chicken restaurant or wholesaler. Orange evokes positive feelings and grabs the eye.

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Where can I download free chicken logos?

You can create, edit, and download chicken logos for free by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

A good chicken logo will take the icon of a chicken and customize it so that it communicates a unique brand identity. A poultry wholesaler might benefit from a dressed chicken logo, for example. Stylish typefaces suit a premium, upmarket brand, while casual ones convey a sense of friendliness. Think about type and color and how they help brand your company.

  1. Think about your chicken business niche, be it free-range chicken products, hormone-free chicken, or a chicken restaurant, and think about what makes it unique.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's offerings, or words that associate with farm living, tasty food, and fried deliciousness.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with some poultry logo images.
  4. Use feedback from family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  5. Pick your best chicken logo ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  6. Download the best chicken logo.

Why should my chicken logo be in PNG or vector format?

If you save a logo or any other image in a PNG or vector format, it can be used on a variety of digital platforms. Unlike JPEG images, PNG images can be saved with a transparent background, making them ideal for online use. You can use Zarla's logo maker and download your logo in PNG or vector format for free.

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