What should I put on my cleaning website?

Your cleaning website should include a list of your services, the location(s) you work in, a booking form and contact details, and engaging images. A clean color palette featuring white, blue, or green is perfect for a cleaning website. Also, be sure to include your logo and branding.

Where can I see professional cleaning website examples?

We've compiled a collection of five real-world cleaning website examples for you to browse and use as inspiration for your own website. Our favorites include VicCleaning and Grande Luxe Custom Clean.

Can I use a free cleaning company website template?

Yes, a free option is a good idea if you have little to no design experience. Zarla's website builder uses AI to build a website and create content for your site in less than a minute, which can then be customized free of charge for up to a month. Thereafter, Zarla will publish and host your site for a small monthly fee, and our help team will be available to assist with more technical updates to your site.

What are the best cleaning website examples?

Take a look at our curated collection of cleaning website examples. We've reviewed the design and functionality to help you create your own website.

How do I come up with a cleaning website design?

  1. Research competitors' sites for inspiration.
  2. Make a list of all the content you should include on your site.
  3. Draft a few copies of your introduction, about us page, and list of services.
  4. Use a website builder to help you design your site.
  5. Use your drafts together with the suggested content to customize your website.
  6. Ask friends and family to read through your design and provide feedback.
  7. Give your design a final edit and publish it.

Why is mobile responsiveness important for cleaning services websites?

Mobile-friendly websites are important for businesses as a lot of potential customers access the internet via their phones. Your website should look good, clean, and concise on a mobile device.

Why should commercial cleaning websites have reviews?

Customer reviews and other trust symbols, such as awards and badges, are important for commercial cleaning websites as they help to build customer trust and encourage potential customers to use your business.

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