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Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

A washing machine surrounded by bubbles is a playful design that is both fun and memorable. The color blue is often used by advertisers to convey feelings of trust. The Dosis Bold font, with its rounded, friendly lines, fits in with the foam and bubbles. A fun, affable laundromat logo.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

The ocean and stars in the center of the circle are references to natural elements. This pairs well with a laundromat that wants to appeal to nature to evoke feelings of freshness and restoration. The color green amplifies this sentiment. A great logo for an eco-friendly laundromat.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

A business whose key resource is water could benefit from using the color blue. In advertising, blue can be used to evoke feelings of loyalty. The blue T-shirt and hanger is a great visual reference to clean clothing after being washed at your laundromat. The K2D Bold font has eye-catching loops.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

Sometimes less is more when creating an appealing logo. A business that wants all the attention on its name could do well with a no-frills, minimalist logo design. The white space emphasizes the Quicksand Bold font, whose affable curves and unpretentiousness suit a friendly neighborhood laundromat.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

The iron icon is a great way of telling customers your laundromat offers additional services like iron presses. A well-designed laundry shop logo. The Ubuntu Bold font looks clean and classy, keeping the water theme alive with a deeper ocean blue, compared to the icon's sky blue.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

This logo combines a washing machine and a clothing hanger. It's a clever way of saying "we take your clothes from cleaner to cupboard" without actually saying you do laundry. The Poppins Bold font blends confidence and friendliness and is prominently displayed.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

This logo uses the image of a T-shirt emerging anew from a pool of water. A simple yet effective design. The Quicksand Bold font has good humor and personality with its rounded edges. The black font provides contrast to the sky blue clothing, making the image more salient.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

This logo features a washing machine in the shape of a T-shirt. This creative symbolism is a clever way of telling customers exactly what you do. The colors blue and green blend well to create a bright, uplifting logo that's pleasing to look at. The El Messiri typeface makes it even classier.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

In advertising, the color green can be used to appeal to qualities of nature and good health. This logo aligns with the elements of nurturing and restoration. If your laundromat is environmentally conscious and only uses eco-friendly laundry detergents, this might be the one for you.

Laundromat logo for a business called Ecowash Edit

The Alice typeface is quaint and old-fashioned, evoking a sense of prestige. It pairs well with a laundromat with deep roots in the community. Its regal style also pairs well with an upmarket laundry service, catering to a wealthy neighborhood or people with designer clothing.


Think about your customers and what they want from a laundromat. Be sure to combine different typefaces, colors, and iconography to create a striking but personal design. You can experiment with unique icons and many typefaces with our free laundromat logo generator until you find the one that conveys your brand's message perfectly.

One cool laundromat logo idea is to intersperse floating bubbles and coins. This is a clever way of saying "pay to have your clothes cleaned." Another idea is to feature a baby wrapped in a soft, comforting blanket. This image evokes a sense of comfort and quality clothing that pairs well with a laundromat business.

Creative logos come about by blending elements from different disciplines to make something new. Take what you know about the laundromat industry, then blend it with some aspect of your business that is unique to you. Perhaps you have a niche or cater to a certain demographic. Communicate that idea.

Where can I download free laundromat logos?

You can create, edit, and download free laundromat logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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