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Dumpling Logo Ideas:



Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

The little puff of steam emanating from the top of the dumpling hints at fresh food straight out of the pot, while the orange color energizes the dumpling with tantalizing flavor. The Krona One typeface has stylish, yet unusual linework that makes the logo distinctive and highly brandable.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

A circle segmented into four parts works as a story circle and tells a narrative about your eatery. They come together to say "we serve hot dumplings at our Chinese restaurant." The neutral color palette suits a conservative brand, while the Cuprum typeface has bold lines that project authority.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

The Rum Raisin typeface is loaded with personality and acts as a brand identifier for your dumpling business. It stands proudly, giving confidence to your business, while five stars suggest a stellar dining experience. Red and black offer gorgeous contrast that holds the viewer's attention.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

Green evokes feelings of freshness and vitality. It can also signify veganism or a commitment to environmentalism. This makes it a great emblem for a vegan dumpling brand. The icon of a steaming dumpling is appetizing, and the Grenze typeface has elaborate serifs that suggest attention to detail.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

Wonton dumplings are served in a bowl of broth, and the icon of a warm bowl makes it easy to imagine the tasty treat brewing inside. Red conveys the romance of cooking, while the Aref Ruqaa typeface combines bold and elegant strokes to great effect, embodying the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

The silhouette of a bowl hides chopsticks and a dumpling, saying "dip the dumpling in the sauce." This clever design conjures images of dunking a warm, doughy dumpling in soy sauce. The Marcellus SC typeface suits an upmarket, premium restaurant, while the soft red color is warm and distinctive.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

Brown is used to make a connection to nature, hinting at raw and natural ingredients used to make dumplings. The Autour One typeface has letters that are evenly spaced, creating plenty of visual breathing room, while the icon of steaming dumplings conveys a fresh and flavorful eating experience.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

The pig's nose is made to resemble a Mandu, making a fitting logo for a Korean dumpling house with delicious ground pork stuffing. Red hints at a spicy and flavorful palette, while the Rum Raisin typeface has tall, wavy lines that mimic bamboo sticks, rounding off the Eastern theme.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

If you want your business name to stand out, you might benefit from a text-only logo. A business name that signals dumplings, paired with an oriental-inspired typeface such as Ceviche One, makes an effective logo for a dumpling restaurant, while black and red blend classiness and spiciness.

Dumpling logo for a business called Bun & Broth. Edit

We cannot see the dumplings in this icon but the chopsticks and plate invite us to imagine a steaming hot dumpling being eaten. Waves suggest a seafood dumpling specialty, while the dominant red color borrows from the Chinese aesthetic. The Autour One typeface has serifs that resemble chop sticks.

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Where can I download free dumpling logos?

You can create, edit, and download dumpling logos for free by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

A good dumpling logo will combine East Asian imagery with the image of a dumpling to make a logo that says "we make authentic, traditional dumplings." The color red is popular in dumpling logos, but experiment with visual elements that communicate your brand.

  1. Think about your dumpling business and what differentiates it from similar restaurants.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's offerings, or words that associate with Asian cuisine, Chinese tradition, and deliciousness.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with some dumpling logos.
  4. Use feedback from family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  5. Pick your best dumpling logo ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  6. Download the best dumpling logo.

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