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Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

Green, the color we associate with nature, forms the background. Orange represents joy, is associated with healthy food, and it stimulates the appetite, so it is a great choice for the vegetables in the logo. The black, bold lettering of the Pridi SemiBold font stand out well and is easy to read.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

This typeface, referred to as Crushed, was intended for use in headlines and displays. The lettering is both condensed and tapering, giving it a modern and fresh look. The erect forms of a spoon and fork double as plants with leaves on either side of the handles to emphasize vegetarian cooking.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

This is an ideal logo for a shop specializing in the sale of vegetables and other healthy food. The motion lines at the back of the shopping cart make it appear to be moving, and the large leaf inside the shopping cart indicates wholesome vegetarian food.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

Purple is used in logos because it represents stability and energy. It is also associated with royalty and luxury, telling customers that your products are of the highest quality. The light silvery-gray Montserrat Extra Bold font stands out prominently from the dramatic purple background.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

There are times when a logo does not require an image, especially if the focus is on the brand name. In this logo, the bright green background is an allusion to growing vegetables, and the Montserrat typeface is distinct and clearly visible.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

The icon, with its two circles and leaves in the middle, is reminiscent of a plate serving a vegetarian meal. The soft, rounded shape adds a friendliness to your logo that is inviting and a great choice for a natural product. The Dosis typeface adds a modern appeal to an otherwise earthy design.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

A variety of vegetables in a pot plant holder conveys the message that the vegetables are home-grown and organic. The distinct lime green shade, representative of nature, makes the image more visible against the dark purple background. The Quicksand Bold text is easy to decipher and on point.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

The agile brushstrokes in this font complement the image of a fork represented as a sheath of wheat, which emphasizes wholesome and delicious food taken straight from the soil to your plate. The ZCOOL XiaoWei font has sleek lines, is versatile, and displays well in different sizes.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

Orange is a symbol of healthy food, energy, and joy, and it is used in adverts to stimulate the appetite. The autumnal shades in this logo evoke growth and the cyclical nature of the harvest. The Baloo Bhai 2 typeface in white stands out, making the name of your company easy to decipher.

Vegetarian logo for a business called EveryVeg Edit

Green colors in the image and text emphasize nature and healthy food. The spoon and fork are cleverly rounded to represent a plate that contains a variety of delicious vegetables. The text brush strokes are agile, with enough spacing to display small or large text.

Vegan Restaurant Logos

10 compelling logos for your vegan restaurant.


Think about what your customers expect from a vegetarian restaurant. With those factors in mind, combine different colors, typefaces, and images to come up with a great design. You can experiment with a variety of images and typefaces using our vegetarian logo generator until you find the one that best conveys your brand.

Where can I download a vegetarian food logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download free vegetarian food logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

Where can I download a vegetarian logo in vector format?

You can create a vegetarian logo and download it in vector format with Zarla for free. Vector graphics can be resized with no loss to resolution, making them ideal for printing banners, adverts, and posters.

You can use the letter "V", commonly used in restaurants to symbolize vegetarian food. You can use leaves or plants in varying shades of green and you can depict an array of brightly-colored vegetables on a plate or on a chef's hat.

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