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Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

A large icon of wireless earphones dominates this design, clearly showing your business focus. Vivid blue highlights the icon and adds a dreamy quality to the design that will make viewers feel good. Meanwhile, the classic Cairo typeface emphasizes an adherence to traditional business practices.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

This bird soaring to new heights may represent your company's innovative spirit, while the semi-circle with rays within the bird reference an earbud playing music. The Cinzel typeface combined with the black color palette creates a contemporary, trendy design for on-brand earphone companies.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

The art deco style of the Righteous typeface adds an artisanal touch to this logo, suggesting personalized earphone and headphone designs. The combination icon opens your business up to more product options, while bright red creates a sense of anticipation in customers, encouraging additional purchases.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

Orange and dark blue are complementary colors that create an interesting visual aesthetic and suggest positivity and authority. The audio bars make for an oblique reference to an earphone company, while the clear Ubuntu typeface provides readability for both desktop and mobile online platforms.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

A minimalist design that shows wireless earphones inside their case indicates that your business provides earphones and all the accessories that go with them. The Rum Raisin typeface contrasts the geometric icon with casual curves, and compliments the refreshing green tone, suggesting fresh ideas.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

Bright red captures attention in this design and encourages viewers to take action and buy your products. The digital-inspired Enriqueta typeface compliments the technical theme of this logo, while the subtle book with sound waves icon indicates a business that sells accessories for audio books.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

This calming design uses dark gray-blue and the moon and stars to create a relaxed, sophisticated aesthetic. When combined with the earphones, this design may remind customers of how they feel when listening to their favorite music. The industrial Zilla Slab typeface makes the perfect complement.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

Reddish-brown is a soothing, earthy color that emphasizes the dependability of your brand. A music notation references what earphones are used for, and may make a subtle reference to the clarity of your earphones. Meanwhile, the strong Gothic A1 typeface holds it own against this bold icon design.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

A green color palette adds a fresh element that suggests innovation and company growth, while the shopping bag indicates an online or brick-and-mortar store that sells earphones and other accessories. The bold Paytone One typeface puts the business name on display — a great marketing strategy.

Earphone logo for a business called Audio Gear. Edit

This vivid orange background creates an optimistic energy that grabs attention and highlights a feel-good aesthetic. This idea is emphasized by the casual, flowing style of the Pacifico typeface, while the earphones shaped like an infinity symbol hint at the durability of your brand and products.

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Where can I download free earphone logos?

You can design, edit, and download free earphone logos with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our designs or by using our logo maker.

How do I design earbuds logos?

  1. Go through your business plan and highlight your brand aesthetic.
  2. Research colors and fonts that complement and highlight your brand aesthetic.
  3. Consider icons that clearly reference your earphones or abstract icons that symbolize your brand message.
  4. Use a logo maker to bring all your ideas together and create a few design options.
  5. Show your designs to family and friends and ask for feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to select and tweak the best design and download it.

Where can I find earphone logos in vector format?

Zarla's intuitive logo maker allows you to download earphone logos in both vector and PNG formats. Vector logos are perfect for marketing as they can be resized without affecting the resolution of the image.

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