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A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

The record in this icon seems to spin out musical notes, creating an upbeat accent to this design. The shades of orange in the triangular "play" icon further this sense of sound waves and energy. The light icon pairs well with the black monolinear strokes of the Hind Madurai typeface.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

This monochromatic design has an understated impact that denotes sophistication, clarity, and professionalism. The circular icon of fluctuating audio levels visually conveys music through clear and controlled linework. The thick strokes of the Changa typeface add energy to the minimalist design.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

The front face of a speaker is completed with a side of shaded audio bars, creating a dynamic and catchy icon. The teal color palette combines the peaceful properties of blue and the revitalizing qualities of green. The overtly rounded Nico Moji typeface is futuristic, energetic, and striking.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

This record icon seems to be radiating audio levels and evokes an image of a mirrored disco ball, creating an enticing and energetic symbol. Pink and light blue pair well and are associated with youthfulness and softness. The bold lines of the Montserrat typeface contrasts the more delicate icon.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

The simple icon design cleverly incorporates a musical note into the core of a spinning record. The warm orange color palette evokes a sense of old-school nostalgia. The Pridi typeface comes from the Thai word meaning "joyful," and adds enthusiastic energy and a blocky foundation to the design.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

The classic, symmetrical icon is clear and catchy, bringing a personable feel to this logo. The light blue is professional and trustworthy, balanced by the blocky black text. The clear and sharp linework of the Sen typeface reinforces the clarity of the design while adding vigor to your DJ name.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

The warm color palette gives this design a vintage feel. The orange audio bars cleverly crescendo into the red record, creating a catchy and vibrant icon. The maroon Overpass typeface gives your business name prominence in the muted design, and the clean strokes complement the linework in the icon.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

This minimalist icon uses duotone audio bars to create a soft musical wave, adding a sense of movement and flow. The blue and purple color combination conveys sophistication and quality, respectively. The navy Nico Moji typeface balances the design and complements the sleek and modern aesthetic.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

The black background creates a sense of nightlife and has a mysterious allure, allowing the energetic orange logo to glow like a neon light. The headphones icon beams electric musical energy between the ears, reinforcing the liveliness of the design. The rounded Dosis typeface is bold but friendly.

A DJ logo for a business called SpinFunk. Edit

The circular icon of a thunderbolt, stars, and classic rock and roll hand symbol speaks of a good time. This is enhanced by the audacious, energetic linework of the Monoton typeface that creates a sense of movement and fun. The loud logo is grounded by the calming and rejuvenating teal color choice.

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  1. Think about the style of music and types of events that your DJ business will cater to.
  2. Do some research to see how similar DJ businesses have designed their logos.
  3. Make a list of the colors, fonts, visual elements, and compositions that you like.
  4. Use a logo maker to design and refine the perfect logo for you.

What are the best DJ logo ideas?

Look to iconic musical imagery like records, headphones, frequency waves, and audio bars to inspire your design. Experiment with bold font and capitalized lettering for a lively effect. Warmer subdued tones create a retro feel while bright contrasting colors are modern and energetic. See our collection of DJ logos for inspiration.

For a modern look, go with simple colors, using shades of one tone in the icon complemented by solid black or white text. Use a splash of color to give your monochromatic logo an upbeat personality and flare. Primary colors are bright and bold, and complementary color pairings like red and green or blue and yellow can add energy to your logo.

Typefaces like Hind Madurai, Changa, and Nico Moji are slick and modern options for an electronic music DJ. Old-school rock and roll DJs are more suited to classic typefaces like Overpass, Pridi, and Montserrat. Add some playfulness into your business name by going with a daring typeface like Monoton to bring a real wow-factor to your logo.

Where can I download free DJ logos?

You can create, edit, and download free DJ logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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