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Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

The prominent use of the color aqua evokes feelings of freshness, relaxation, and enjoyment associated with great music. The typeface, Special Elite Regular, reminds one of typewritten text and gives the logo a vintage feel. A transparent background makes this logo versatile.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

This logo oozes coolness, not only due to the color choice, but also the large headphones icon. The modern Anton Regular typeface makes it ideal for online displays. This adds to the freshness of the logo and makes it appealing to younger clients. You can use this logo on any background.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

Nothing screams music like the icon of a loudspeaker. The balance between the playful purple icon and the font size is remarkable and speaks of your music brand's variety. The Nico Moji font is modern and representative of technology. The transparent background makes the logo ideal for any surface.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

The font used for this logo, Anton Regular, was designed with digital displays in mind, which gives the design a very modern look. The representation of a skull wearing headphones further emphasizes the logo's contemporary appearance, making it appealing to younger music lovers.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

If simplicity is what you are after, then this name-only logo is perfect. The choice of navy blue as the only color conveys confidence and trust. The Antonio typeface, derived from traditional sans serif fonts, has been reshaped for digital use, which makes this logo cool and contemporary.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

Great music is associated with the classic rock 'n' roll salute. Purple in a logo portrays youthfulness, while the dark blue represents confidence — characteristics you want associated with your brand. The Anton Regular font is fun and easy to read, adding to the overall relaxed effect of the logo.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

This famous crossed guitar icon is memorable yet straightforward, and ideal for a variety of music related branding material. The color scheme, consisting of various shades of green, gives the logo a fresh and relaxed look. The typeface is reminiscent of typewritten text, adding a nostalgic effect.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

This vintage icon of a microphone is an excellent choice for businesses specializing in jazz, blues, and other old school music. The typeface, Antonio, is clear, simple, and versatile, and although it works on a variety of marketing materials, it is best used digitally.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

This vintage-looking logo will draw customers that love old-school music. The font, Monoton, is reminiscent of American diners' old-style signage, while the soundwaves are representative of the days of radio shows and the excitement associated with it. An excellent logo for retro music businesses.

Music logo for a business called Stream Jazz Edit

The dark blue color of the font not only represents confidence, calmness, and healing, but it makes this logo highly visible. Tones of purple and blue in the icon convey trust, while the musical note adds a touch of whimsy. The Anton Regular typeface contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the logo.

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  1. Think of some keywords associated with your brand.
  2. Choose a style that suits your music business the best.
  3. Consider your brand identity and determine what colors to use.
  4. Choose an icon that represents the type of music you have.
  5. Use a design site like Zarla to create a logo.
  6. Ask friends, family, and potential clients for input.

Zarla is a great design site that allows you to create, edit, and preview hundreds of brandable logo designs for free. It offers you different color schemes, icons, and typefaces to choose from. Once you've created the perfect logo for your business, you can download it for free.

A logo is an emblem or stylized name that identifies a business. Logos can be just a name or can contain an icon that represents the type of business. The style can either be modern, vintage, plain, or abstract and will be determined by your brand and target market. The logo is used to create a brand identity that is recognizable by potential customers.

What are some cool music logos?

Visit Zarla for some cool music logo ideas.

Where can I download free music logos?

You can create, edit, and download free music logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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