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Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

Dark blue and soft gold create an elegant color palette that speaks to the sophisticated nature of your brand and your products. Combined with the delicate serifs of the white DM Serif Text typeface, the logo design conveys an attention to detail in your products that customers will love. Meanwhile, the geometric shapes of the icon imply stability.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

The thin outline on the earrings creates an eye-catching detail, drawing in the eye and perhaps suggesting a crocheted design. A purple color palette is a great indication of the creativity and magic of your products, while the looping Bree Serif typeface complements and enhances the charm and originality of this design.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

Black and white is a timeless, classic color palette — perfect for a modern brand with a logo that will need minimal updates throughout the future of the business. The El Messiri typeface adds a beautiful, traditional quality to the design that is echoed by the classic pearl earring of the icon. This is a great logo for a traditional jeweler.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

Bright pink sets the tone for a youthful and fashionable brand that produces or sells trendy earrings. The striking black Laila typeface, with its informal, friendly style, perfectly complements the contemporary aesthetic of the design. The icon itself appears to be a polymer clay design — unique and timeless that will appeal to both young and old.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

The elegant swirls framing a crystal flower stud earring can be used to indicate a high-quality brand that caters to a wealthy and elite clientele. The cool color palette, with its white and icy blue, may reference the clarity of the diamonds used in your designs, while the subtle serifs on the Philosopher typeface add to the elegant feel.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

Leafy details create a beautiful organic aesthetic, while the icon resembles details pressed or burnt into leather. Salmon pink stands out against the dark background and complements the earthy theme of the logo. The somewhat futuristic look of the Cormorant Unicase typeface suggests an innovative brand with designs that are always on trend.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

The elements of this design work together to convey an elegant jewelry business. The graceful portrait highlights the crystal earring, bringing in a vintage element through the resemblance to Victorian fashion. The Parisienne typeface conveys another vintage element, adding a romantic twist, while the blue and black colors add sophistication.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

These earrings with their dangling beads are a great indication of a brand that focuses on handmade jewelry. The stark black Poppins typeface reassures customers that they can trust in the quality and stability of your business, while the use of cyan highlights an energetic and youthful brand aesthetic — perfect for a trendy business.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

The well-patterned earrings are a fun and funky design element that showcases the youthful energy of your brand. With the addition of bright pink, this design is trendy and fashionable, and the large, rounded letters of the dark brown Comfortaa typeface complement the aesthetic and add a friendly and welcoming effect to this logo.

Earring logo for a business called Hoops & Loops. Edit

Sandy pink and white make for a delicate, understated color palette, which gives the design a refined aesthetic. This idea is complemented by wreaths and the retro Caudex typeface with its strong letters and serifs that convey a sense of professionalism. The long beaded earrings use the space efficiently and draw attention to the business name.

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Where can I download an earring logo in PNG format?

Zarla is a free logo maker that allows you to create, edit, and download earring logos in PNG format. PNG logos are ideal for branding because they support transparent backgrounds.

What should my earrings logo look like?

The design of an earring logo can vary depending on your brand's style and your target market. You can create an impressive design by combining simple icons that show the style of earrings you're focusing on with jewelry-related colors like gold, silver, and emerald green, and an elegant typeface like Parisienne or El Messiri. Take a look at our collection of earring logo designs for inspiration.

  1. Think about the types of earrings you create and/or sell and your target market.
  2. Research your competitors' logos to identify popular design elements.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with different colors, icons, and fonts.
  4. Show your favorite designs to your inner circle and get feedback.
  5. Edit the best design as needed and download the final version.

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