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Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

The bold Saira Condensed typeface brings the business name to the forefront, ensuring customers see and remember your hostel’s name — great for repeat business! The abstract seashell framed within the diamond shape hints at a hostel by the beach, an idea that is complemented by the sunny yellow-orange image and aqua text.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

A person chilling in a hammock is such an inviting image that will entice travelers to enjoy your relaxing hostel. Bright blue complements this feeling of tranquility, conveying a peaceful, calm environment. Meanwhile, the geometric Teko typeface subtly hints at the stability, strength, and trustworthiness of your business.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

A stark white and near-black color palette offers simplicity and modernity, conveying a contemporary business. The abstract icon with curving lines hints at the road to be traveled, suggesting your hostel offers weary travelers a place of rest. This idea is enhanced by the casual style of the Pacifico typeface, complementing the idea of relaxation.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

A bright green background adds a refreshing quality to this logo and symbolizes your business's connection to nature, an idea that is continued in the icon of a backpacker enjoying nature out in the mountains. The balanced Josefin Sans typeface, inspired by 1920s fonts, adds a vintage quality to this logo that may entice seasoned travelers.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

The unfurled map with a location pin suggests your hostel is the perfect rest stop for travelers while exploring the city or town. Bright blue suggests that guests can trust in your hostel’s professionalism and reliability, while the dynamic Exo typeface enhances the sense of traveling and movement hinted at by the lines on the map.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

A path running toward the serene view of the mountains suggests that your hostel caters to hikers and backpackers. An earthy beige tone complements the icon and conveys a sense of safety and stability, reassuring guests that their belongings will be safe in your hostel. The simple Russo One typeface continues the stylish, modern aesthetic.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

The strong Lato typeface, meaning "summer" in Polish, brings a warm, welcoming aesthetic to this design. This style is somewhat contrasted by the dark blue color palette, which conveys the professionalism, skill, and trustworthiness of your business. Meanwhile, the backpacker confidently hiking through mountain passes hints at your target market.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

The graduation cap on top of the location pin suggests a student hostel that is the best spot on campus for students to stay in. Bright red draws attention to the design and conveys your passion for helping students, while the original Bree Serif typeface has a charming appearance that brings a friendly atmosphere to your design.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

This brilliant cyan and white color palette brings a winter element to the design that may entice travelers looking for a warm place to stay. The serene mountain view spotlight against the setting sun promises peace and tranquility, while the rounded, friendly Ubuntu typeface conveys the idea that your hostel accepts all travelers.

Hostel logo for a business called Bunked Inn. Edit

Sometimes, all your business needs is a great name to grab attention, and a text-only logo is the best way to highlight your business name. The Krona One typeface is full of personality and is a great choice for marketing as it can be resized without losing legibility. Dark blue suggests professionalism and trustworthiness.

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What is a good hostel icon?

A good icon for your hostel will reflect either your brand message, your target audience, or both. Consider images like school buildings, backpackers, travel scenery, or even an abstract icon. Take a look at our collection of hostel logos for inspiration.

  1. Consider using your school's colors in your hostel logo.
  2. Try using an icon that is similar or linked to your school's logo.
  3. Use the school's typeface for your hostel's name.
  4. Use a logo maker to put together your ideas.
  5. Design a few options and ask colleagues and the school board for advice and feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to tweak the top-rated design and download it.

Where can I download a hostel logo in PNG format?

You can create, edit, and download hostel logos on Zarla for free in both PNG and vector formats. PNG logos are perfect for branding as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds.

What should my student hostel logo look like?

Your student hostel could use the school's or similar colors and an icon that exemplifies the hostel's motto. Consider using a badge or emblem for your logo, with the hostel name in the same typeface as the school's logo.

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