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Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

Bright red will capture the attention of travelers looking for a good motel, and also brings warmth to your design. The simple lines of the Poppins typeface help the business name to shine and complement the minimalistic style of the motel icon. The addition of palm trees creates a pleasingly symmetrical visual that will look great in marketing.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

The almost tribal design of a sun is a unique visual and hints at your motel's ability to be the leading establishment in your area and industry. Magenta brings a sense of harmony to this design and inspires feelings of cheerfulness and contentment, while the Kurale typeface's curled serifs complement the tribal style of the icon.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

The formal style of the Barlow Semi Condensed typeface gives this logo a subtle professionality that assures customers of good service and facilities. Bright orange creates a warm, cheerful palette that will get guests excited about staying at your motel, while the emblematic style of the icon gives structure to the sunny design.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

A comfortable looking bed makes a great advertisement for your motel business, enticing guests to stay there. Bright orange draws attention to the design, while the dark cyan reassures guests of the quality and professionalism of your services. Meanwhile, the classic styling of the Caudex typeface complements this classic design aesthetic.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

Deep green is usually used in advertising to convey an eco-friendly, sustainable business, and this idea is complemented by the leafy designs on the pillow. The plush-looking pillow hints at comfort that promises a good night’s sleep, while the gentle serifs of the Laila typeface add a pleasing friendliness to the logo.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

The Playball typeface’s handwritten style conveys a personal touch, suggesting that budget-friendly does not mean lesser quality amenities. A geometric icon creates a visually pleasing contrast to the fluid typeface, and the lush branch hints at a business focused on future growth. Vivid orange adds a brand message of optimism, change, and warmth.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

Dark blue sets a quiet tone that, together with the enticing bedding and moon and stars, suggests a good night’s sleep in peaceful surroundings. The elegance of the Josefin Sans typeface complements the professional color palette and suggests a motel that strives for excellence. Meanwhile, hints of orange add dynamic energy and positivity.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

This abstract icon with tall columns that resemble skyscrapers could hint at a motel in the city center. Bright pink is an unusual choice for a motel logo, but adds a fun brightness to this design that will appeal to families with children. The Marko One typeface, inspired by children’s bedtime stories, continues this family-friendly theme.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

The strong, geometric Barlow typeface creates a solid base for this logo, hinting that your motel business is reliable and trustworthy. The square frame for the sunny icon complements the typeface and suggests a motel by the beach where guests can see the sea from their windows. Bright yellow-orange and cyan set a summery vibe for the design.

Motel logo for a business called Thrifty Nomad. Edit

Cool cyan conveys feelings of relaxation and tranquility — a good brand message for your business. This sense of peace is continued by the single cabin in the woods shown in the icon, perhaps suggesting your motel provides rest for weary travelers on their way to their camping grounds. The Playball typeface adds a hint of elegance to the design.

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Where can I download a motel logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download motel logos for free on Zarla. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples to go to our logo maker to get started.

  1. Look through your business plan for design ideas.
  2. Research your closest competitors' logos to ensure you have a unique design.
  3. Consider what colors you could use to portray your brand message.
  4. Use a logo maker to experiment with different colors, icons, and typefaces.
  5. Come up with a few designs and show them to friends and family for feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to tweak the best-rated design and download it.

Should my motel logo be in PNG or vector format?

Downloading your motel logo in both PNG and vector formats will be useful for your business. PNG logos are great for branding as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, and vector images are useful for marketing because they don't lose resolution when resized.

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