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Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

The color combination of black, red, and white inspires trust, action, and professionalism. The modern image of a house reflects the essence of your hotel and emphasizes your desire to create a home away from home. The futuristic charm of the Nico Moji typeface adds a contemporary feel.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

If you aspire to become a leader in luxury and comfort, this logo will convey the spirit of your brand. The light blue house and modest landscape emphasize your brand's quality and will pop against a light or dark background. The dark blue Cinzel Decorative typeface adds to the design's elegance.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

The tropical view is a subtle nod to your hotel's ability to make guests feel transported and relaxed. Along with the indigo and pink color palette, which exudes warmth and class, it hints that you've got an amazing poolside area. The structured stems of the Righteous typeface help ground the logo.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

A marketable logo that cleverly incorporates images of elements found in a hotel room. The white forest color scheme conveys trust and dependability and enhances the modern curvatures of the Righteous typeface. The brand name looks subdued in white, while the full icon does well to grab attention.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

The golden sun and palm tree contrast with the blue waves, creating a memorable icon that transports guests to summer vacation. The Marcellus typeface's graceful linework exudes elegance and allows the evocative icon to take center stage. This logo is ideal for a hotel set in a tropical climate.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

This commanding logo uses a bold color palette to exude confidence and sophistication. The strong, rectangular buildings in the icon are offset by the circular sun, highlighting the size and location of your hotels. The sharp edges of the Marmelad typeface in black complements the structured icon.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

This logo's striking black background shows a professional aspect, which is matched by the Rosarivo typeface's classy characters. The image of a large house stands out in vibrant orange and conveys energy and happiness, hinting that your hotel offers plenty of activities and services that spark joy.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

Modernism meets minimalism in this sleek design. The lack of an icon allows the brand name to stand out, which is great for brand recognition. The soft brown and off-white color scheme speaks to your brand's dedication to sustainability, while the curved Teko typeface adds to the logo's modern feel.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

The logo's dark blue background and New York pink icon give the overall design an air of sophistication. The curved path to the house hints that you know the way to comfort and leisure, while the irregular spacing of the Unna typeface adds some elegance and character to the logo.

Hotel logo for a business called Luxurinn. Edit

Red is a motivating color that exudes confidence — a quality you'd want associated with your brand. Thanks to the icon's nautical aesthetic, this logo suits a seaside hotel that offers restaurant dining. The Alatsi typeface stands tall and proud in black and does well to add a modern finish.

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What are some famous hotel logos?

  • The Beverly Hills Hotel.
  • The Harbour House.
  • The Plaza.
  • The St. Regis.
  • The Hilton.
  • The Belmond.
  • Premier Inn.
  • The Four Seasons.

Where can I download luxury hotel logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download hotel logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our home page.

  1. Think about what makes your hotel stand out.
  2. Consider which colors, fonts, and symbols will best represent your brand.
  3. Examine existing hotel logos to get a sense of how the final product should look.
  4. To come up with some distinctive logo ideas, use a logo maker.
  5. Experiment with various design aspects.
  6. Once you've picked your favorite logo, download it.

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