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Import-Export Logo Ideas:



Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

Blue evokes feelings of reliability and professionalism and, when paired with the globe icon, appeals to businesses that use an import-export agency to transport their products overseas. It eases their anxieties and inspires trust, as does the sharp, premium linework of the Josefin Sans typeface.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

The PT Sans Caption typeface stands out proudly, with its mix of bold lettering and sharp edges giving it power and style. Orange catches the eye and holds our attention, while the icon of a cart in the cloud hints at an online import-export business, perhaps a drop-shipping or ecommerce platform.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

The globe behind the massive cargo ship resembles a setting sun and says "we import and export from dusk till dawn." Orange is apt for a sunset, while sky blue conveys idealism and optimism. The Sansation typeface has clean lines that belong to a premium company, without being intimidating.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

The funny icon of a package on legs points to an import-export business renowned for its speed and reliability. It adds a personal touch, and the dominant black color points to specialty in importing luxury products. The Days One typeface has a unique style that can be used as a brand identifier.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

An arrow swooshing around the world says "we import and export from the farthest places," suiting an import-export company that people trust. Trust is amplified by blue, while red-orange encapsulates the fervor of new goodies. The Alata typeface has sharp edges that elevate the brand's status.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

The mammoth cargo ship is a striking image of power and endurance. It suits an import-export company that ships products over long distances. Blue evokes feelings of trust and reliability, while orange is a burst of energy. The tall lines of the Fjalla One typeface give authority to your brand.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

The Sen typeface has letters that are evenly spaced, creating plenty of visual breathing room that is pleasing to the eye. The humorous icon of a package being delivered by paper plane makes for a fun import-export logo image, while the sky blue and green combination conveys idealism and freshness.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

Cerise is a vibrant color that traditionally appeals to women, and the Sansation typeface has sleek, elegant lines that belong in a chic magazine. When paired with a shopping tag and city skyline, it says "we import the best products from major global cities," and might hint at products for women.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

Orange and gray blend excitement and professionalism, mirroring the excitement of buying new goodies from an international import-export company. The airplane and globe point to a global presence, and the Bree Serif typeface blends sharp serifs and round curves to suit a friendly yet serious brand.

Import-export logo for a business called Smart Cargo. Edit

If you want your business name to stand out above all else, you might consider a text-only logo that omits expressive icons and vibrant colors to center your name. In this case, the Monoton typeface features parallel lines that imply connection and relationship, suiting an import-export business.

Retail Logos

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  1. Think about what products you sell, which countries you buy from or sell to, and what makes you different from your competitors.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's offerings, or words that associate with foreign products, trade, exclusivity, and more.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with some import-export logo design ideas.
  4. Use feedback from family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  5. Pick your best import-export logo ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  6. Download the best logo for your import-export company.

Where can I download free import-export logos?

You can create, edit, and download import-export logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples.

A good import-export logo will communicate a trading niche in simple visual terms. Icons can point to a global presence or specify a single country, while colors and typefaces can signify a reliable and trustworthy service.

Why should my import-export logo be in PNG or vector format?

If you save a logo or any other image in a PNG format, it can be used on a variety of digital platforms. Unlike JPEG images, PNG images can be saved with a transparent background, making them ideal for online use. Vector files allow for easy resizing without any resolution loss. You can use Zarla's logo maker to create your import-export logo design and download it in PNG or SVG format for free.

Where can I find an international export business logo design?

You can use Zarla's intuitive logo maker to search through ready-made international export business logo designs or customize them to fit your brand identity. The logo maker also offers creative and memorable logos in a variety of file types.

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