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Logistics Logo Ideas:



Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

Hard to forget, this vibrant design uses the thick Rubik typeface that matches the descriptive iconography perfectly. The use of rich blue and white in the color scheme is soothing and calm but at the same time confident. A simple but highly effective winged box icon ties everything together.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

The dynamic 3D package icon of this logo is tempered with the calm and confident Noto Serif typeface. Red and blue colors work well in this logo by drawing the eye and making the design pop for maximum impact. The use of horizontal lines adds an element of speed and movement to the brand's image.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

Clear, professional, and powerful, this logo is a stylish choice that combines a solid black background with the clear-cut appeal of the white Josefin Sans typeface. The absense of an icon works for this logo because of the contrast of colors which draws attention directly to the business name.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

Color, layout, symbolism, and typeface combine to create a great logo. The icon of a truck driving down a road is effective in describing your business's services. The neat lines of the Montserrat typeface complement the orange and blue color scheme in conveying confidence and professionalism.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

The design's orange and gray color palette symbolizes stability and vibrancy, respectively. The icon of a cargo ship and globe is dynamic and suggests that your import/export business has a global reach. The clean lettering of the Days One typeface completes the logo's modern appearance.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

This logo says a lot about your approach to business with its capitalized KoHo typeface that is inspired by humanist and geometric elements. An icon of a caped box-carrying man in two shades of blue has been incorporated to inspire confidence and maximize brand awareness.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

An orange, blue, and white color palette was chosen to communicate professionalism, energy, and warmth. The sharp-edged cargo box icon is attractive and informative, which, when combined with the elegant Josefin Sans typeface, hints at an established and forward-facing company.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

The extra-large truck icon in this logo does a great job of letting potential customers know what this company does. The versatile Saira typeface works well because of its high-impact look, which is complemented even more by the attention-grabbing color choice of red and black.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

The Cinzel typeface's classic yet contemporary proportions have been used here to communicate professionalism and certainty. An arrow icon conveys forward-motion and draws attention to the name. Turquoise and dark blue add feelings of confidence, efficiency, and trust to the design.

Logistics logo for a business called High Haul. Edit

This logo's bold design uses the futuristic and clearly legible Kanit typeface to confidently state this business's presence. The green moving truck icon combines dynamism and geometric continuity to catch your eye and convey a sense of security, professionalism, and peace of mind.

Transportation Logos

15 excellent logo recommendations for your transportation business.


  1. Start by doing some research into the logos of existing logistics companies.
  2. Consider the effect of their logos' symbols and colors.
  3. Next, use Zarla's logo maker to come up with ideas for some logo designs.
  4. Choose a few favorites and be sure to try out different symbols, colors, and typefaces until you're happy.
  5. Get feedback from your friends and family.
  6. Use their feedback and download your favorite logo.

Where can I download free logistics logos?

You can create, edit, and download free logistics logos by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by using our logo maker.

Where can I find a logistics logo in vector format?

With Zarla's logo maker, you can design and download your logistics logo in SVG format for free. Vector images are great for enlarged printing because they don't lose clarity or resolution when resized.

  1. Find some inspiration to get you started with the logo design process.
  2. Use symbols that are relevant to the shipping, logistics, freight, and cargo industries.
  3. Use colors that will inspire confidence and certainty — red, blue, green, black, white, and orange are good choices.
  4. A great logo is timeless, simple, easy to read, scalable, and aligned with your brand.
  5. Make multiple logistics logos so that you don't have to start from scratch.
  6. Ask friends and family for their opinions and use their feedback to design your logo.

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