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Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

The arrow slanting upwards on the graph icon indicates growth and success, which fits perfectly with the brand message of your insurance business. The blue background symbolizes dependability, which is synonymous with a trustworthy insurer. The Cormorant Garamond typeface is bold and sophisticated.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

This minimalistic logo design features a blue lion's mane icon, which is reminiscent of a shield and conveys a message of strength and authority. This indicates that your business will protect the interests of your clients. The curved lines of the Nico Moji font add a playful element to the design.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

The hands holding a home creates a circular shape, which suggests that your clients are in safe hands. The dark blue color scheme denotes power and integrity, which accentuates your brand message beautifully. The Vesper Libre typeface has angular lines that contrasts well with the smooth icon.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

The vintage, badge-style icon of a lion represents strength and courage, while the wings suggest that your business offers clients heavenly deals. The Alice typeface adds to the retro feel of the design, which is accentuated by the blue background that infers trust and loyalty.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

The documents with a circular accent suggest that your business handles insurance paperwork quickly and efficiently. The light blue color scheme symbolizes tranquility, which will put prospective clients at ease. The Cormorant Infant typeface adds a touch of elegance to the design.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

The house icon produces the perfect design for a home insurance business. The eclectic Alice typeface is inspired by Lewis Carrol's beloved novel of the same name, and adds a touch of refinement to the logo. The blue and gray color palette evokes feelings of calmness and dependability.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

Purple and pink traditionally symbolize feminine qualities in advertising, making this a good choice for an insurance business that caters to women. The shape of the icon resembles a shield, suggesting you will protect your clients' interests. The looped Pridi typeface is bold yet sophisticated.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

The commanding presence of the Abril Fatface font is accentuated by the dark blue tone, which is associated with knowledge and power. The flowing shape of the icon resembles an origami bird in flight, which creates a sense of movement. This combination will work splendidly for health insurance.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

This logo design features a retro-style emblem of a car, which is the perfect representation for a car insurance business. The flowing lines of the Monsieur La Doulaise typeface, inspired by old style calligraphy, adds to the vintage look of the logo. The dark background looks professional and chic.

Insurance logo for a business called Insure Shield Edit

The hexagon icon signifies the winding road clients walk with their insurance provider and evokes feelings of stability and authenticity. The curved shape of the Alice typeface lettering contrasts well with the simplistic lines of the icon, while the blue and gray color scheme denotes authority.


How do I come up with some general insurance company logo ideas?

  • Research your competitors to see what existing logos look like.
  • Brainstorm what you'd like your logo to convey about your business.
  • Use an insurance logo maker for inspiration.
  • Mix and match colors, icons, and typefaces until you find the perfect design for your business.
  • Show your logo design to friends and family for feedback.

Where can I create a fun insurance company logo design?

You can use Zarla, a free, intuitive logo generator that creates scores of fun logo designs. You can design and edit your logo by combining icons, color palettes, and typefaces until you get the best result.

What are some unique insurance service logo ideas?

A unique insurance logo consists of a creative icon such as a geometric shape, a house, or angular lines. You can use a fun color scheme combined with a modern typeface like Poppins, or opt for a more decorative typeface like Alice. For inspiration, see our collection of unique logo designs.

What are some good insurance company logo images to use?

You can use a number of images to highlight your insurance company's brand, such as houses, papers, geometric patterns or bold lines. It will depend on which type of insurance you offer clients, and what type of message you'd like your logo to convey.

What should health insurance logos consist of?

Health insurance logos can consist of health-related icons, such as medical equipment, hearts or hands. You can use a bold typeface like Poppins or Vesper Libre to denote strength and power. A color scheme that includes blue, green, and white will create a sense of tranquility and vitality, which resonates with the values of health businesses.

What goes into designing car insurance logos?

Car insurance logos will typically include a reference to a car, like wheels, gears or other auto-parts. The icon can be paired with a large, legible typeface like Ubuntu or Cormorant Garamond, and the color scheme can be any combination of colors that feel unique to your business, such as blue, black, and white.

How do I create attention-grabbing life insurance logos?

To start, you can come up with a few designs by using an insurance logo maker for inspiration. You can then play around with a variety of icons, typefaces, and color combinations. Life insurance logos could include icons of families, a house, hands touching or a heart to convey your business's message.

What images can I use for medical insurance logos?

Medical insurance logos can be made up of medical references such as a cross, families, hearts or medical equipment. It can also consist of a professional and authoritative typeface that will make the design pop, such as Abril Fatface, Poppins or the Japanese font, Nico Moji, for extra creativity.

Where can I make motor insurance logos?

You can try using Zarla, a great tool that generates scores of creative logo designs for you to choose from. You can move icons and typefaces around to make the perfect logo for your motor insurance business and play around with various color schemes.

Where can I download free insurance logos?

You can create, edit, and download free insurance logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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