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Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

The unusual use of bright pink will help your business to stand out from the crowd, and may suggest a supply business focused on products traditionally marketed to women. The large truck standing ready highlights the focus of the business, while the casual Paytone One typeface optimizes the logo design for online marketing.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

A stack of tires makes a great icon for an auto parts supply business, hinting at the quantity on offer. Bright red encourages customers to act quickly in ordering from your company and highlights your passion for your business, while the Bebas Neue typeface, designed for headlines, creates an attention-grabbing atmosphere.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

The clean Poppins typeface conveys a contemporary aesthetic that complements the simple design of this logo. The abstract bird icon adds a dynamic element that hints at speed and grace, highlighting the distribution side of your business, while the black and white color palette conveys the professionalism and expertise of your company.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

The subtle hint of an EKG line within the shield hints at a medical supply business, with the wings adding movement to the design. The point of the shield leads the eye to the Saira typeface's strong letters, bringing attention to the brand name and aiding in brand memorability. Meanwhile, near black conveys professionalism and a hint of elegance.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

The comic use of a delivery person on a scooter would make a great mascot for a supply business, and perfectly shows the focus of your business. The casual theme is tempered by the dark blue color palette, which reassures customers that your business is skilled and trustworthy, along with the steadying presence of the geometric Gothic A1 typeface.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

Bright red shows determination and drive to succeed, bringing your brand to the forefront of the industry with dynamic energy. The checkmark on the packed box hints at quality services and acts as a promise to clients to deliver on time and undamaged. Meanwhile, the Paytone One typeface optimizes the logo for online marketing.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

The geometric Monda typeface is a great choice for a business that works mainly online, creating a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Bright pink stands out and will catch the eye of potential clients scrolling through online ads and on social media, while the road leading into the distance highlights the logistical side of your business.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

The use of a ship and a plane in your icon is perfect for a global supply business, or a startup with plans to go global. The elegant, vintage style of the Josefin Sans typeface shows that your business values tradition in your business practices, without sacrificing innovation, while bright red shows passion, and gray, professionalism.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

Green is a strong color choice for a startup company, as it symbolizes new beginnings and growth, showing your hope for the future. The fun use of a superhero delivering a box says a lot about the quality, skill, and expertise of your business, while the well-balanced Oswald typeface provides a stable base to build your brand message on.

Supply logo for a business called Supply Depot. Edit

The retro Libre Franklin typeface hints at a bygone era, perhaps suggesting a business supplying historic movie props and costumes. This theme is complemented by the old-fashioned tent tops in the icon, which could convey the idea of a vintage storage area. Meanwhile, light blue adds a peaceful aesthetic to this logo design.

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How do I come up with a good supplies logo design?

  1. Review your business plan for design ideas.
  2. Research your top competitors’ logos for inspiration.
  3. Use a logo maker to generate some ideas.
  4. Experiment with different colors, icons, and typefaces until you have a handful of strong designs.
  5. Show your best designs to family and friends and ask for feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to tweak the top design and download it.

Where can I find supply logo images?

We’ve designed a collection of supply logo examples for you to browse and use. Simply click on “Edit” beneath the design of your choice to access Zarla's logo maker. Alternatively, think about the type of products or services you supply and use a logo maker to generate interesting images for your logo.

Where can I get a supply logo free download?

Zarla offers a free AI-powered logo maker that you can use to create, edit, and download supply logos for free.

What should my general supply company logo look like?

If your supply business does not have a specific product or service focus, consider using images such as delivery trucks or packages as your icon. Combine this with a professional color palette, such as blue, black, or gray, and a clean, geometric typeface, such as Josefin Sans, for a contemporary, trustworthy aesthetic.

What images should I use in my supply-chain logo design?

  • Chain links.
  • Arrows.
  • Images of boxes, trucks, and consumers with arrows between showing the progression.

Why should my supply logo be in PNG format?

A supply logo in PNG format is good for branding as the file can be downloaded with a transparent background, meaning the logo can be used on any surface.

Can I use a supply logo template for my design?

Yes, Zarla’s logo maker offers a variety of supply logo idea templates that can be completely customized to suit your business needs. Each template can be downloaded in a variety of formats, free of charge.

Try Zarla’s logo maker, a free AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of logos in seconds from a few input keywords. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free in a variety of file formats.

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