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Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

The bold letters of the Gothic A1 typeface help the brand name shine, adding visual balance for an aesthetic design. The cinnamon bun with its iconic swirl immediately highlights the business focus, while warm orange brings to mind the smell and taste of this freshly baked treat and conveys the creativity of your goods.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

The warm brown tone of this logo conveys the earthiness of the cinnamon spice, creating a sensory design that will tempt customers' taste buds. This theme is complemented by the lush cinnamon roll icon, tempting with a promise of large buns and fresh treats. Meanwhile, the Lily Script One typeface's soft serifs add a playful charm to this design.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

Thick icing drips down the sides of the cinnamon roll, creating a mouth-watering image that will attract a wide range of customers. Bright pink will help your brand to stand out from the competition and convey the sweetness of a classic cinnamon roll, while the Sansita typeface adds an elegant and flavorful style to the logo.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

Dark red draws attention and highlights your business's passion and excitement for your brand. The top view of the cinnamon roll creates an iconic pattern that symbolizes a calming flow of energy. Meanwhile, the rounded Poppins typeface balances the flow of this design with the stability of geometric shapes, providing a strong base for your brand.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

Bright orange draws attention to your logo and conveys the creativity and ambition of the flavors of your baked goods. The two cinnamon rolls in the icon suggest a wide variety to choose from, complementing the brand message of the color palette, while the elegant Josefin Sans typeface adds a vintage quality that speaks to traditional recipes.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

The geometric letters of the Sen typeface add a sensible, trustworthy character to your brand message, while the rounded curves convey a friendly character. Bright orange complements this warmth and emphasizes a sense of adventure that hints at bold and unusual flavors. The thick spiral of the cinnamon roll suggests perfectly baked treats.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

A set of three spirals creates a symbol of creativity and artistic perfection, with the spiral pattern adding a sense of calm to the design. Bright red contrasts this tranquil icon with a vibrant and passionate energy, highlighting the business's excitement to showcase the products. The youthful Mali typeface hints at a carefree and fun aesthetic.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

The curves and serifs of the Marko One typeface conveys a brand message that is friendly, lively, and enchanting. This theme is continued in the warm and happy energy of the the bright yellow-orange that shines against the dark background, while the tight spiral of the cinnamon roll draws the eye into the design in a hypnotic way.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

The wreaths on either side of the cinnamon roll hint at the quality of the products and the expertise of the bakers, while also adding an organic aesthetic. The deep brown color palette brings to mind the warm earthiness of cinnamon, while the clean legibility of the Hind Madurai typeface optimizes the logo for use in all advertising and branding.

Cinnamon roll logo for a business called Cinnabites. Edit

Choosing to go without an icon works well for a company with a great name they want to highlight. The informal style of the Pattaya typeface brings a casual, relaxed aesthetic to this brand message that is inviting and welcoming to customers. Reddish brown is the perfect color palette as it conveys the warmth and earthiness of cinnamon.

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Where can I download cinnamon roll logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download cinnamon roll logos for free with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our logo maker.

What are some good cinnamon roll logo images?

When designing your cinnamon roll logo, an image of a cinnamon roll or the iconic spiral shape is the perfect icon to use. You may also consider a mascot that will attract families to your brand. Take a look at our cinnamon roll logo examples for inspiration.

Why should my cinnamon roll logo be in PNG format?

Logos in PNG format are perfect for branding because they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, meaning your logo can be placed on any surface and any promotional item with little adjustment needed.

Is there a cinnamon roll logo font?

Yes, there are a few fonts with "cinnamon roll" in the name that are available for purchase. You can also use one of the free typefaces that are fun and friendly, such as Mali or Lily Script One, in your logo design.

Where can I find a cinnamon roll logo idea template?

Zarla offers a free AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of templates in seconds from a few input keywords. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free.

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