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Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

The outline of a purse appears to be sketched by the loose hand of an artist. This gives it an artsy, minimalist feel that brands your business as trendy. The Rubik typeface has solid, bold lines that contrast the loose lines of the icon in a pleasing way, and the orange color excites and energizes.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

The provocative purple color mimics the look of luscious lipstick. When paired with the pretty purse icon, it connects purses with romance and seduction, associating your products with a powerful human desire. The monolinear Asap typeface balances friendliness and boldness to create an impression.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

Wreaths are used to celebrate achievement and success and, when paired with the icon of a purse, says "award-winning purses on offer." The Montserrat typeface is reserved yet bold, and the brown color establishes a link with nature, perhaps signaling a commitment to sustainable practices.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

Designer purses are often named after their celebrity designer, making the signature-like Sriracha typeface a fitting choice for this logo. The light reflecting against the purse's bottom corner emphasizes its glamor and makes it pop, and the grayish-blue color signals creativity and reliability.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

The dominant red color of this logo will attract eyes and stand out in a sea of adverts. It paints a bold and daring brand, and the fashionable purse icon clearly indicates the product you sell. The Poppins typeface takes up space and projects a powerful and respected brand on the apparel scene.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

Showing your product in action is a great marketing technique that allows customers to see themselves using it too. The stylish, strutting woman enhances the purse, and the orange color creates excitement and fervor. The Roboto typeface contrasts the icon's linework with bold, confident strokes.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

The tall lines of the Poppins typeface have a strong presence in this logo, giving your business name prominence and power. Frills that flank the purse add a decorative quality that points to a luxury brand, and the brown color emits the scent of leather and quality material.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

Light blue is the color of optimism and idealism, asking viewers to imagine their ideal selves with your purses. The circle encasing the purse creates geometric simplicity that makes the logo distinctive and brandable, and the Quicksand typeface has rounded letters that look great on business cards.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

The stately and conservative design of the purse icon is contrasted by its lively and vibrant cerise color. This creates a sense of visual balance that makes the logo interesting and impactful. The monolinear Baloo Bhai 2 typeface indicates a light and modern brand that takes care of appearances.

Purse logo for a business called Pouchii. Edit

The zipper on this purse breaks the symmetry of the icon and creates plenty of visual interest. Perhaps yours is an avant-garde purse brand where creativity and experimentation are cherished and celebrated. Navy blue indicates quality materials and the simple Heebo typeface conveys reliability.

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What makes a great purse logo identifier?

A great purse logo identifier will communicate a brand identity in simple visual terms. Icons of lone purses are effective, but purses worn by women are desirable. The color and typefaces you select will determine whether you sell premium designer purses or affordable, everyday ones. Take a look at our collection of logo ideas for inspiration.

  1. Think about your brand and target market, whether you specialize in high-end, luxury purses or fun and friendly casual purses. The type of customer you sell to will determine your design choices.
  2. Think of words that associate with beauty, style, functionality, or more to add an element of interest to your purse icon.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with some purse logos.
  4. Use feedback from family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  5. Pick your best purse logo ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  6. Download the best purse logo design.

Where can I download free purse logos?

You can create, edit, and download purse logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

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