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Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

Bright red is a great color for food businesses as it stimulates the viewers' appetites and also grabs attention. The cartoon style of the bowl of rice will appeal to families and will make a strong impression on packaging or in your marketing efforts. The strong personality of the Krona One typeface complements this marketing-focused aesthetic.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

Bright green drives home themes of sustainability and organic farming practices, which is the perfect brand message for a rice farmer. This idea is continued with the icon of growing rice, which creates an elegant image for your farming business. Meanwhile, the clean appearance of the Miriam Libre typeface portrays a modern, technological style.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

A smiling rice cake is a cute mascot for any rice-based business, encouraging families with children to use your brand. This style is complemented by the youthful Finger Paint typeface, painting your brand as one that children will love. Bright orange and red will also appeal to families, and especially children, giving this design a sunny feel.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

The rounded letters of the Comfortaa typeface create a welcoming, friendly brand aesthetic that complements the contemporary style of the icon. The bunch of rice grain stems that are almost falling open hints at a well-balanced, open-minded business approach, while the earthy color palette complements the idea of nature and growing things.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

The use of bamboo in negative space is a subtle reference to Asian cuisine, in which rice is a staple ingredient — a cool icon to stand out from the crowd. The elegant Seoul Hangang typeface continues the Asian theme, while the confident color palette of golden brown and soft red adds an earthy sensuality to this design that is visually appealing.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

A near black color palette gives this minimalistic design an elegant, sophisticated style in keeping with the delicate, single rice grain stem. The leaves beside the rice grains seem to be blowing in the breeze, adding a fun, dynamic element to this logo. The low contrast of the Signika typeface complements this contemporary aesthetic.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

The fun brush stylings of the Finger Paint typeface create a youthful, energetic, and artistic vibe that will appeal to families and their children. A piece of sushi on a bamboo mat gives a clear indication as to your rice-based business niche, while the bold red and black colors are sure to grab attention in your marketing.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

Bright yellow brings to mind sunny fields, warm days, and bountiful crops of rice grains. The tall letterforms of the Fjalla One typeface stand up to the large icon and help your business name to shine. Meanwhile, the clean lines of the barn holding rice grains hints at a rice farmer who grows large quantities of rice for wholesale.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

The Grenze typeface is clear, legible, and timeless, perfect for highlighting your business name in advertising. Bright green creates an uplifting effect and hints at a business that has sustainability at its core. A bowl of rice among a bamboo stand makes an artistic representation for a rice-based restaurant or a rice brand.

Rice logo for a business called Rice the Limit. Edit

Bright, vivid orange conveys a brand message of positivity, optimism, and energy, a visual aid that will get customers excited about your brand. The rice grains circling against the bright sun bring to mind vast fields of rice blowing in a gentle summer breeze. The timeless Nunito Sans typeface brings a sense of prestige to your business name.

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Where can I find a rice mill logo in PNG format?

You can use Zarla to design, edit, and download a rice mill logo design in PNG format for free. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or go to our logo maker to get started.

  1. Think about the type of image you want to convey.
  2. Research existing rice logos to see what colors, icons, and typefaces work well.
  3. Use a logo maker to produce some unique logo designs.
  4. Experiment with different design elements until you have a few rice bowl logos that match your brand.
  5. Show your designs to friends and family and ask for feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to tweak the top-rated design and download it.

You can create, edit, and download free rice logos with Zarla. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker to get started.

As rice is a natural product, greens, browns, and oranges are great natural colors to use that will show sustainability, organic practices, and nature. However, you can also stand out from the competition with different colors, such as black, red, or even purple.

A rice logo can be used to showcase a rice-based business, from growing rice for distribution to a restaurant that specializes in rice-based dishes, such as poke.

What are some good rice mill logo images?

A good image for your rice mill is to use the stalks of rice grains in your design. Have a look at our collection of rice logo ideas for inspiration.

Where can I find a rice logo in PNG format?

You can find some great rice logo templates on Zarla. On this site, you can choose a template and edit the colors, typefaces, and icons until you have a unique design that can then be downloaded in PNG format for free.

Would a rice logo look good in black and white?

A black-and-white logo is a good option if you are going for a high-end brand aesthetic for your rice business.

Is there a rice logo in vector for free download?

Yes, you can download rice logos in vector format for free on Zarla. Vector logos are great for advertising as they can be resized without losing any resolution.

What should my basmati rice logo look like?

Your basmati rice logo should convey your brand message while also appealing to your customers' appetites. Steaming bowls of rice hint at what your rice could look like when cooked, and bright colors such as red whet the appetite. A clear typeface, such as Fjalla One, will clearly showcase your brand name and help it to stick in customers' memories.

Should my rice logo be in HD?

It is a good idea to download your rice logo in HD or vector format, as the file will keep a clear resolution no matter what size you change the file to, whether the size of a business card or billboard.

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