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Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

The golden brown tone of this design resembles perfectly grilled meat, and when combined with the crown on top of the spit of meat, signifies the superior quality of your shawarma products. Meanwhile, the Signika typeface, designed for use in signage, adds a friendly yet professional aesthetic to this logo that will look great in marketing.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

The original Pacifico typeface gives this logo design a fun, casual flair that hints at a relaxed restaurant where customers can sit back and enjoy good food and good vibes. The bright red background adds a spicy element and whets the appetitive, while the flaming kebab perfectly highlights the type of dishes customers will enjoy.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

This icon features a bold graphic using geometric shapes to create the modern style kebab. Combined with the minimalist choice of a monochromatic brown color palette, this design is trendy and contemporary, and will appeal to customers looking to try your shawarmas. The Asap typeface complements this on-trend vibe with its modern letterforms.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

Dark pink dominates this logo and catches the eye, drawing attention to your business and creating a dynamic edgy aesthetic. The wrapped shawarma makes an appetizing and appealing icon that will whet customers' appetites, and the informal style of the Pattaya typeface highlights a welcoming, casual business message and design.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

Stand out from the crowd by advertising your shawarma restaurant or food stall with this kebob icon, featuring delicious cubes of meat together with tasty vegetables. Bright orange will get your customers excited about your dishes, while the Sarabun typeface contrasts this friendly style with a more professional, serious-minded effect.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

A cool green is an unusual choice for a shawarma restaurant, but can be used to highlight organic ingredients and grain-fed, free-range meats. The carefree, youthful appearance of the Mali typeface suits a family friendly restaurant, while the flaming kebab is a fun reference to the main dish served at your establishment.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

Vivid red and sunny yellow make for a bright, attention-grabbing color palette, ensuring that all passersby will see your logo and take note of your food offerings, particularly for food trucks and stalls at a market. The summer-inspired Lato typeface complements this joyful design, while the knives below the kebab spit add an intriguing element.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

The strong Oswald typeface in bright violet draws attention to your business name, helping your logo to catch attention when used in online advertising. The warm yellow-orange of the icon hints at affordable, delicious meals, and the shawarma tells the story of what those meals entail. Meanwhile, the flame adds a fun, spicy element to the design.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

Bright yellow-orange shines against the dark background, giving this design a prestigious effect and helping the icon of a stylized döner kebab to enjoy the spotlight and entice customers to try your dishes. The rounded Rubik typeface complements the circular icon and brings a welcoming, inviting aesthetic to your brand message.

Shawarma logo for a business called Cumin Grill. Edit

A knife and fork beside a warm shawarma invites customers to dig right in, subtly hinting that they will thoroughly enjoy the shawarmas you make! Orange complements this idea, conveying enthusiasm and excitement, and the rounded characters of the Dosis typeface continue this theme, working well for a welcoming, all-inclusive brand message.

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  1. Use your business niche for icon inspiration.
  2. Research your competitors' logos to see how you can stand out.
  3. Use a free logo maker to generate several logo ideas.
  4. Get feedback on your favorite designs from your inner circle.
  5. Edit the best shawarma logo and download it.

You can create, edit, and download döner kebab logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

Why should my shawarma logo be in PNG format?

Downloading your logo in PNG format is great for marketing if it has a colored or transparent background. You can use Zarla's logo maker to design a shawarma logo and download it in both PNG and vector formats.

Where can I find a shawarma logo vector free download?

Use Zarla's logo maker which lets you create, customize, and download shawarma logos in vector format for free. To get started, click on "Edit" below one of our examples.

Yes, as shawarmas and gyros are similar food, you can use an image of shawarma as the icon in your gyro logo.

Where can I find a shawarma logo for free?

You can find some great shawarma logo templates in our table above, or go to Zarla's logo maker to create your shawarma logo from scratch, and download it for free.

What should my falafel logo look like?

As a falafel is a deep-fried, rounded fritter, you can use rounded shapes in your icon combined with the earthy colors of the chickpeas that are the main ingredient. Combine this design with a cool, handwritten typeface such as Pattaya for a welcoming, appealing aesthetic.

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