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Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

This logo uses the Dosis typeface to convey a playful but confident brand. The winged pizza slice icon is fun and distinctive, effectively tying your business name to a memorable image. The striking red and black color combination symbolizes power and will work well on a variety of backgrounds.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

This eye-catching design combines the thick proportions of the Paytone One typeface in red with a Pacman-inspired yellow pizza symbol. A logo like this is perfect for a store that caters to kids or even a NY slice shop where you know your customers will gobble down your hot and tasty creations.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

This logo screams prize-winning pizza, thanks to its yellow laurel wreaths and pizza icon that resembles an award. The logo's appeal is created by the slightly stamped effect of the Averia Serif typeface in brown, which is a great choice for a brand that wants a more traditional Roman theme.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

The impressive vertical linework of the icon conjures images of authentic, wood-fired pizza. The red and orange color scheme is dynamic and accentuates the balanced proportions of the icon. The friendly characters of the Slackey typeface suggest a personable, family-friendly pizzeria.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

The design's dark backdrop, combined with a trio of pizza slices, creates a powerful image that's indicative of a trendy pizza joint. The icon clearly illustrates what your brand is all about and is given prominence in a bold red color. The cartoonish Ceviche One typeface adds an informal element.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

The red pizza icon with melted, dripping cheese does a great job at telling customers about the kind of pizzas you serve. The thick, chunky Luckiest Guy typeface is suggestive of a pizza bursting with flavor and cheese, making it an excellent choice for a pizza business logo.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

The icon, depicting a tossed pizza base and an assortment of toppings, is a fun representation of a restaurant that creates authentic, delicious pizzas. The orange color symbolizes vibrancy and could hint at efficiency. The whimsical letterforms of the Slackey typeface convey a feeling of warmth.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

Attractive and bold, this logo uses DM Serif Text, a typeface known for its sharp and slightly classical characters, to create a logo with authority. The black text elegantly matches the focal point of the design, a large red pizza board, which makes a recognizable and aesthetically pleasing icon.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

This logo's yellow pizza icon and bold maroon Chela One typeface, with its thick and curvy lettering, convey a homely and welcoming feel. The heart-shaped pizza with one slice slightly removed suggests that your pizzas are made with love or that anyone who tries them will love them.

Pizza logo for a business called Yummy Pizza. Edit

The Alegreya Sans SC typeface and zooming pizza slice give this design a dynamic and fun appearance. The speed lines suggest that this business delivers pizzas with efficiency and care. The brown and red color scheme is professional and enhances the minimalistic linework of the icon.

Red and Yellow Logos

15 logos using striking red and joyful yellow to draw attention to your business.


Look up the logos of the top pizza companies in the U.S. or your area. Use this as inspiration and try out colors like red and yellow. You can also play around with different typefaces such as Luckiest Guy and Paytone One to make your logo pop. Need some more inspiration? Check out our collection of pizza logos.

What are the elements of famous pizza logos?

Famous pizza logos use warm, inviting colors and attach their brand to a distinctive symbol that is easy to remember. They also make sure their business name is visible in the design, highlighting the importance of balancing impact with information.

How can I get a pizza logo in vector format?

You can design a pizza logo and download it in SVG format for free with Zarla. Vector graphics are great because they can be resized with no resolution loss, making them perfect for printing on large banners, adverts, and posters.

Where can I download free pizza logos?

You can create, edit, and download free pizza logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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