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Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

A monochromatic dark blue color palette shows the reliability of your suitcases, encouraging customers to trust in your brand. This idea is complemented by the super realistic depiction of a suitcase, highlighting your attention to detail. Meanwhile, the digital-style PT Sans Caption typeface optimizes this logo for use in online marketing.

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

The spiral making up this suitcase icon can be seen to represent the path we travel when we go on holiday with this range of suitcases. The use of bright pink tells customers they will fall in love with your suitcase designs, and the Oswald typeface, specifically designed for web browsers, hints that these suitcases will look great on social media!

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

The Righteous typeface has an art deco style that suggests a suitcase brand with trendy designs and eye-catching colors. On the other hand, the blue color palette is simple and highlights the reliability of your suitcase designs, a sentiment that is enhanced by the large checkmark over the suitcase in the icon, encouraging customers to invest.

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

Purple can indicate a luxury brand with high-quality products, while the circle around the suitcase icon can indicate the completeness of your offerings — everything from large-size travel suitcases to smaller purses and travel document cases. The confident Baloo Bhai 2 typeface adds a fun character, suggesting the joy of traveling.

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

The hot air balloon depicted on the suitcase is a cute touch that, together with the tilt of the suitcase, suggests leaving for an adventure. Dark blue confirms the reliability of your brand, while orange adds excitement. The Sarabun typeface, mostly used in newspapers, gives this design a serious tone that proclaims your suitcases are newsworthy.

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

The rounded Rubik typeface brings softness to a logo design and conveys a brand message of welcome and openness. The swooping lines over the suitcase hint at air travel and speed, suggesting a brand that is durable and can stand up to rough handling on long-distance flights. Dark blue emphasizes this reliability and encourages trust in the brand.

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

Soft gold combined with the use of wreaths proclaims the excellence of your brand and boasts that your suitcases are the best in the industry. The dark blue background backs up the sense that your business is a leader in the field of suitcase design, while the Viga typeface has a good screen presence, optimizing the logo for online marketing.

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

The retro Libre Franklin typeface gives this design an established, old-school feel that hints at a trusted client brand. The blue tones reinforce this message, encouraging customers to trust in the reliability and quality of your designs, while the outline of a palm tree adds a fun, casual element that suggests travel suitcases on offer.

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

A black-and-white color palette proclaims the authority of your brand and shows your determination to be the best in the industry. The briefcase icon continues this businesslike theme, with the swoop hinting at suitcases and workcases perfect for the professional on the move. The Sansation typeface softens this design with a personal touch.

Suitcase logo for a business called Pack It Up. Edit

The tall letters of the Saira Condensed typeface give your business name prestige and power, aiding in brand memorability. This idea is enhanced by the bright red tones in the logo, which act as a call to arms, encouraging customers to act fast to buy one of your suitcases before they're all sold out. The slant of the icon adds dynamic energy.

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Where can I get free suitcase logo idea templates?

We've created a great suitcase logo collection for you, using Zarla's logo maker. When you see a template you like, simply click on "Edit" below the image to customize the design with our editor tool.

  1. Think about your brand strategy and target market.
  2. Get inspired by existing logos.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with different colors, icons, and fonts.
  4. Get feedback from your inner circle on your favorite designs.
  5. Choose your favorite logo and download it.

Where can I download suitcase logos in PNG format?

On Zarla's logo maker, you can create, edit, and download suitcase logos in PNG format for free. PNG graphics are ideal for branding because they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds.

What are some great suitcase logo images?

To help your suitcase logo stand out from the crowd, add a unique feature to an image of a suitcase, such as a palm tree or airplane to indicate travel bags, a tie to indicate briefcases, or a floral element to show makeup bags and decorated suitcases. You could also try an icon that has a personal meaning to you or one that conveys your brand message. For example, a diamond or crown can symbolize luxury suitcases.

Where can I download a suitcase logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download suitcase logo designs for free on Zarla. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or go to our logo maker to get started.

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