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Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

This simple icon is modern, elegant, and conveys a sense of movement through the use of three arrows. The black, red, and white color combination does a great job of grabbing attention while remaining sophisticated. The Viga typeface's rounded linework complements the sharp lines in the icon.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

The yellow sun rising behind the truck in this icon evokes feelings of warmth and optimism, suggesting that your trucking fleet hits the road at the crack of dawn to get deliveries done efficiently. The dark blue color and neat lettering of the Josefin Sans typeface add a professional touch.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

The rounded hexagonal icon and sweeping lines form an impression of a road disappearing into the distance, creating a sense of movement and energy. The of use yellow reinforces the feeling of enthusiasm and stands out against the black background. The white Sen typeface is neat and professional.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

Circular and modern, this design would make for a great app icon. The elegant white-on-blue color choice conveys professionalism and clarity, respectively. The wings at the back of the truck suggest movement and efficiency, while the blocky characters of the Saira typeface ground the design.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

This icon conveys a sense of flow and connection through the interlinking geometric forms, highlighting qualities of logic and efficiency. The tones of green are calming and refreshing, suggesting that your logistics are in safe hands. The rounded Vihga typeface contrasts the angular icon nicely.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

A great example of how an abstract icon can represent the values and services of your trucking business. The geometric form has trailing orange lines that convey movement and draw the eye to the contrasting blue arrow, which is repeated in the Josefin Sans typeface for a coherent and elegant design.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

This logo uses perspective to add motion and dimensionality to the prominent red truck, grabbing attention and capturing the spirit of a trucking business. The black, capitalized letters of the Josefin Sans typeface contribute strength and confidence to the design, underscoring the icon perfectly.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

The edgy linework in this icon creates a sense of movement that highlights your trucking business's speed and efficiency. The complimentary orange and blue color combination balances professionalism with enthusiasm, and the elegant characters of the Viga typeface underscore the design perfectly.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

This design demonstrates how a simple color palette can create a sophisticated impression and give your logo a strong presence. The white truck icon is prominent against the blue background, which is associated with intelligence and logic. The Righteous typeface's elegant lines are modern and fresh.

Trucking logo for a business called Super Link. Edit

You could easily picture this emblem on the front of a truck. The golden badge highlights themes of quality and power, which are reinforced by the stars and lion imagery. The wings add levity to the design and evoke notions of speed and efficiency. The Josefin Sans typeface is clean and modern.

Logistics Logos

10 decisive logo ideas for your logistics business.


  1. Define your trucking business's specialty, target market, and core values.
  2. Do some research and make a list of the colors, icons, and elements that you like in other trucking logos.
  3. Use a logo maker to combine these elements and create the perfect trucking logo for your business.
  4. Pick your favorite option and ask friends and family for their feedback.
  5. Refine the design based on the feedback and download it.

Where can I get trucking logos images?

We've created a collection of trucking logos using Zarla. If you see a design that you like, simply click on the image and refine the design to create the perfect logo for your trucking business. Alternatively, you can go to our home page to create your own design.

What are some tips for creating old school trucking logos?

  • Emblem or stamp-style logos can give your trucking business an old school feel.
  • Experiment with banners, text, retro fonts, and circular forms to get a vintage aesthetic.
  • Use colors like rusty oranges, earthy browns, or textured black to give your design a weathered look.
  • Use classic serif fonts with strong terminals to help capture that old school feeling in your logo.

Where can I find examples of semi truck company logos?

Take a look at our collection of semi truck company logos. If you see a design that you like, simply click on the image to change the composition, colors, fonts, and icons and create the perfect semi truck logo for your company.

Where can I download truck logo pictures?

Zarla will generate hundreds of memorable truck logo pictures in just a few clicks. Find a design that you like and you can edit and download the pictures in a range of formats for free.

What are some good trucking logo fonts?

Sen, Josefin Sans, Righteous, and Viga are all great typefaces that are highly readable, slick, and modern. For a more old school or personal feel, try some classic serif typefaces, such as Zilla Slab or Libre Baskerville. Capitalized fonts can add a bold presence to your brand name, but can also make it tricker to read.

What elements work well in modern trucking logos?

Fewer colors make for a cleaner and contemporary logo. Experiment with a white design on a solid color background to help make your logo pop. Circular imagery is ideal if your logo will be used as an app icon.

How can I create cool trucking logos?

Use Zarla to quickly and easily generate a range of cool trucking logos. When you find a design that you like, you can edit it to your liking by changing the colors, icons, and fonts until you've created a cool and unique trucking logo that you can download for free.

Where can I download free trucking logos?

You can create, edit, and download free trucking logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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