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Trading Logo Ideas:



Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

The contrasting blend of green and black brings together themes of prosperity and sophistication, both excellent ideologies to associate with your brand. With its strong, commanding letters, the uppercase Lato typeface makes a bold statement, while the hexagonal shape of the icon adds dynamism.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

While the Poppins typeface is made up of bold, uppercase letters that lend prominence to the brand name, it's the monochromatic color scheme that truly defines this logo as modern and professional. The ascending arrow and bar graphs are recognized symbols that promise precision and expertise.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

If you want to convey modernism and promote teamwork, this creative icon captures your brand's essence. While blue denotes intellect and stability, abstract figures humanize your brand and suggest great leadership. The Oswald typeface's simple, lowercase letters soften the logo's intensity.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

The combination of warm and cool tones adds energy and vibrancy, creating a stunning contrast that will jump out on branding. While adding both line and bar graph symbols highlights your wealth of knowledge, the sharp Lato typeface contributes to the logo's bold and polished appearance.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

This logo's subtle minimalism derives from its interesting blend of bold imagery and the Rosarivo typeface, which features dainty and sleek lettering to convey sophistication. The icon's dynamic quality is enhanced by the regal purple color, matching the design's originality and premium aesthetic.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

The stylish and professional color palette cleverly draws attention to the bull, a powerful visual statement that denotes prosperity and abundance. While green hues underline the logo's connotations of wealth and distinction, the dainty but elegant Cinzel typeface offers the perfect finishing touch.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

While the icon comprises angular linework that promotes accuracy and dependability, the Sansation typeface's rounded letterforms reduce this intensity and create a well-balanced visual. With the green tone building on the logo's themes of wealth, the black delivers a professional finish.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

The negative space silhouette of a sturdy tree symbolizes growth and prosperity. This makes it a powerful symbol for a seasoned trading company. The circular green backdrop also adds refreshing vibrancy to the design, while the Cinzel typeface's dainty script emphasizes the logo's refined beauty.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

The Orbitron typeface has a futuristic appeal that's full of personality, matching the icon's imaginative image of a rocket blasting off. When paired with the orange-red tone, which adds a lovely contrast and uplifting energy to the design, the rocket appears cutting-edge and contemporary.

Trading logo for a business called Bidhive. Edit

The bitcoin symbol is familiar and marketable, instantly placing your business in a niche trading market. With the bold and structured lettering of the Cardo typeface forming a confident foundation, the combination of purple and lime green hues denotes quality and inventiveness.

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10 striking logo suggestions for your finance business.


  1. Research your competitors' logos and identify design elements that match your brand's identity.
  2. Consider your target market and how you want to market your brand.
  3. Use a free logo maker to experiment with icons, colors, and typography.
  4. Compile a list of logo ideas and share them with peers in exchange for honest feedback.
  5. Tweak your logo ideas where necessary and download the best one.

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Where can I find a trading logo in PNG format?

You can download trading logos in PNG format with Zarla's free logo maker. PNG logos are useful as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds.

Where can I find a trading logo in vector format?

You can use Zarla's free logo maker to design and download a trading logo in vector format at no charge. Vector logos are excellent for branding because they can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

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