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Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

This design is fun and professional, using a highly descriptive box and house icon to tell clients about your services. The adaptable Saira typeface, with its heavy weighting and sharp edges, is highlighted by the use of dark blue and orange colors, which are associated with energy and success.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

Viga is an adaptable and personable typeface that was originally intended for screen viewing, pairing well with this logo's descriptive icon of a moving box. A dark blue checkmark across the side of the package immediately conveys the message that using this company's services is the right choice.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

This logo is dynamic and fun, using a moving trolley with a house on top to communicate this company's speedy moving services. The Saira Condensed typeface works well with the thick lines of the icon, while the color combination of light green and dark gray is fresh, lively, and eye-catching.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

Red is often used in branding for its vibrancy and memorability. This color has been combined with the elegant and unique Josefin Sans typeface to create a professional image. The truck racing off to complete a moving job is playful and adds visual energy to the design.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

This dynamic logo's curved design says this company has no limits when it comes to getting the job done. The commanding Saira typeface has been used to match the prominent icon. The different shades of blue convey loyalty and strength, which ensures that the text and icon complement each other.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

The image of an abstract bird conjures up feelings of movement, traveling, and soaring to new heights — all good qualities that you'd want to associate with a moving business. The Righteous typeface was chosen for its adaptability and pairs beautifully with the orange and blue color scheme.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

From its natural light green color scheme to its memorable symbol, this logo is the ideal choice for a moving and logistics brand. The formal and readable Saira typeface smartly matches the geometric icon, which could be seen as a clock with the arm doubling as a checkmark.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

This logo's typeface choice, Righteous, is geometric with curving hints scattered throughout. The text is evenly spaced and gives viewers a sense of confidence about this brand straight off the bat. The dark blue color choice conveys a company that is self-assured, reliable, and established.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

The vibrant orange icon is reminscent of a bird and adds a sense of peace and confidence to the brand image of this company. The friendly Sen typeface gives the logo a modern feeling, with even spacing and easy readability. This design is a contemporary choice for a moving business.

Moving logo for a business called Ezee Moving. Edit

Lines have been used to add a dynamic element to this logo's symbolism. Different shades of blue convey calmness, loyalty, and power, giving each part of the design a distinct character. The capitalized typeface, Saira Condensed, is equally weighted and completes the overall image beautifully.

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What are some tips for creating a logo for my moving business?

  1. Research what other moving businesses are using in their logos.
  2. Play around with different color combinations.
  3. Try out a few different typefaces and fonts with your logo.
  4. Use a moving logo generator to get some ideas.
  5. Show friends and family your designs and ask for feedback.
  6. Download your favorite logo.

Your logo should focus on images that are traditionally associated with moving. These could include boxes, dollies, hand trucks, moving vans, or even a roll of boxing tape. Try combinations of colors and fonts and go for colors that are associated with trust and security, such as blue or green.

Where can I find some packers and movers logo designs?

Try using Zarla, an AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of logo ideas for moving and packing businesses. To get started, click on one of our collection's logos and customize the design to your liking with the editor tool. Then, download the logo for free.

Where can I download free moving company logos?

You can create, edit, and download free moving company logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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