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Window Logo Ideas:



Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

The white curtains over the dark background resemble light shining out of the house windows at night, giving this design a homey, comforting feel. The geometric style of the icon symbolizes stability, indicating that customers can trust in your business's professionalism, while the Overpass typeface's strong letters add stability to the design.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

The transparency of the icon creates depth and interest in the logo, while the use of sheets of glass may indicate a window glass treatment business. The combination of purple and orange, both symbolic of creativity, inspires thoughts of an innovative window business, and the Oswald typeface, designed for online use, maximizes this logo's utility.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

The narrow letterforms of the Cuprum typeface mimic the idea of thin panes of glass used in windows — an idea highlighted by the clear icon of a curtained window, that shows off your business's purpose. Meanwhile, the touch of orange brings a warm, sunny aesthetic to this logo, like the shine of the sun sparking off a clean window.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

The perfect logo for a window cleaning business, the small abstract window design is encircled and protected by the clean sweep of the window cleaner. Tones of blue reinforce the idea of purity, freshness, and cleanliness, while the neatly styled sans serif Saira typeface is a great choice for the logo to meet all kinds of advertising needs.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

Bright red may be an unusual choice for a window logo, but it will help your brand stand out from the competition and convey your passion to your customers. The unusual shape of the window in the icon tells customers that you can install all shapes and sizes of window glass, while the geometric Nunito Sans typeface complements the angular icon.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

Shades of gray give this design a cool, contemporary aesthetic that is timeless. This image is contrasted by the Special Elite typeface, which adds a vintage, grungy effect that overall creates a unique, interesting design. Two panes of glass highlight the business niche, perhaps for a window glass treatment or installation business.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

This warm, homey design indicates a business that installs windows with care and consideration for the customers and their families. The point of the heart leads the eye to the business name in the Overpass typeface, highlighting the business's care and dedication to professionalism, while the dark blue background conveys authority in the industry.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

The Signika typeface has a gentle character that creates a clear and informative brand message. The simplicity of the letters complements the clean and modern icon for a trendy logo that will stand the test of time. The leaf detail adds an organic point of contrast to the geometric lines, and the pink color draws attention to this design.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

The window coyly peeking out from behind the curtains creates a fun, cheeky character for this logo that is contrasted by the serious, urban aesthetic of the Montserrat typeface. The blue color palette also emphasizes the serious, professional, and industrious message that this logo conveys to customers about your window business.

Window logo for a business called New View. Edit

The Gothic A1 typeface draws attention to the business name, aiding with brand memorability. Orange and black are strong colors, conveying a confident brand message, while the cartoon style of the window icon creates a friendly, inviting aesthetic. This design is perfect for a brand that is all about approachability and customer satisfaction.

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How do I come up with a window company logo design?

  1. Review your brand values ​​and business plan.
  2. Find colors and fonts that reflect your business.
  3. Check out the logos of your top competitors for inspiration.
  4. Use a free logo maker to experiment with colors, icons, and fonts.
  5. Get feedback from your close circle.
  6. Tweak and download the best design.

You can create, edit, and download window and door logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples.

Where can I download a window logo in PNG format?

With Zarla's logo maker, you can download window logos in PNG format for free. PNG logos are great for branding as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds.

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