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Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

In addition to reminding us of ripe grapes and crushed summer berries, the mauve background of this logo makes the lettering and the icon pop. It would also be a distinct color scheme for a smoothie franchise. The three smoothie cups set atop a crescent shape may hint at superior quality.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

This balanced logo comprises a square icon with a blue bowl and a flower. The sharp-edged Cinzel Bold font mimics the texture of crushed ice — a well-loved smoothie staple. The flower may be symbolic of a fresh or healthy start. Ideal for a place that creates lovely, nutritious smoothie bowls.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

The Denk One font, taking its inspiration from a hand-painted German sign, produces a modern logo when paired with the icon of a boba smoothie. The prominent blue background is reminiscent of cool, refreshing drinks and may evoke images of crisp swimming pools and relaxed beach days.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

Influenced by hand lettering, the Sacramento typeface adds a romantic or whimsical aspect to this logo, which is reinforced by the icon of a hand against a splatter. The black and pink color scheme may hint at the crushed blueberries and strawberries included in some of the smoothies.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

The Biryani display typeface perfectly complements the understated icon comprising half a snowflake and half a sun. The rising sun could symbolize early mornings and fresh breakfasts. With its slight Aztec flavor, the icon may allude to smoothies made with chia seeds — an ancient Aztec superfood.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

An icon comprising three smoothie cups above a brush script typeface could be a fitting choice for an artisanal smoothie brand. Red and black is a classic color scheme that would look great on clear plastic cups or eco-friendly kraft cups. This logo clearly communicates what you're selling.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

The Elsie Swash Caps Regular font, with its curved serifs, is a striking choice with undeniable feminine strength. Placed beneath the icon of what appears to be a stylized snowflake, this is a simple logo that could suit a classy new breakfast spot or juice bar in town.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

The gold color scheme screams quality, while the icon — part snowflake, part ship's steering wheel — lends a members-only feel to the logo. The steering wheel symbolism may appeal to those searching for direction on their wellness journey. Fitting for a premium smoothie bar or delivery service.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

Unlike previous logos, this one has a typically masculine energy. The anchor, dark color palette, and Quantico-Bold font — inspired by military lettering — imbue the logo with a certain strength or toughness not commonly associated with smoothie bars. A solid choice for a protein smoothie brand.

Smoothie logo for a business called Frozen Dates Edit

This cheerful logo with its bright purple and pale pink colors will have any passerby craving a smoothie. The icon, made to resemble the blades of a blender, is highly distinctive and would be recognizable in any color, while the angular Quantico-Bold font adds a futuristic element.


Where can I find a smoothie logo in vector format?

You can download a scalable vector graphic for free when you design your logo with Zarla. Logos in vector format are great because they can be enlarged without compromising quality.

Think about the ingredients you'll use in your smoothies and what makes your business different from your competitors. Will you only use fresh, organic ingredients? Will your smoothies be chock-full of superfoods or will you add collagen peptides for that extra beauty boost? The answers to these questions will help you design the perfect smoothie logo.

Don't limit yourself to icons of cups or mason jars. Think deeply about which aspects of your business are most prominent. For example, if you'll use berries in your smoothies, opt for a purple color scheme. If one of your smoothie staples is chia seeds, use an Aztec pattern in your logo. A variety of fonts work, as long as they complement your icons.

How do I pick a good smoothie font?

Consider your target market and the types of fonts that might appeal to them. If your business is aimed at health-conscious women who watch their caloric intake, logos that use thin, connected fonts and bright pinks have traditionally proven effective. Similarly, if you're blending up protein-rich smoothies for weight lifters, thick fonts such as Cinzel Bold work well.

What is a good smoothie icon to use?

An obvious icon choice would be a smoothie cup with a straw sticking out of it, but feel free to experiment with abstract symbols and motifs not commonly associated with smoothies. An anchor icon, for example, is an unusual choice, but it works for smoothies that help build muscle because it is a heavy object often seen tattooed on bulging biceps.

Where can I download free smoothie logos?

You can create, edit, and download free smoothie logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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