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Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

Sky blue is the color of idealism and optimism, inspiring people to imagine a perfect world. The simple, minimalist icon of an arrow pointing upwards and forwards embodies the dynamism needed to build that world, and the simple Lato typeface does well not to take attention away from the icon.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

This modern logo includes an abstract icon that has no apparent meaning, but invites viewers to interpret it, creating a connection between consumer and brand. The red color evokes feelings of passion, intensity, and desire, while the Ubuntu typeface has soft linework that finishes off the design.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The minimalist icon of a cupcake shows care for appearances, suiting a gourmet cupcake business with Instagram-worthy treats on its mind. Brown and green point to natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, and the Denk One typeface has a distinctive design that can act as a brand identifier.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The dominant blue color evokes feelings of trust and, when paired with the abstract icon of a staircase, communicates iteration and collaboration. It forms a professional minimalist logo, and the Staatliches typeface has letters that are evenly spaced, creating plenty of visual breathing room.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

A green sun is the perfect visual metaphor for green energy and suits a renewable energy brand with sustainability at its core. Green embodies these values and the minimalist lines of the icon convey efficiency, while the Ubuntu typeface blends disarming curves and bold strokes to great effect.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

A controller lacking details like buttons makes a pretty minimalist design that appeals to millennial gamers. The blocky Bungee typeface mimics the style of retro games, balancing modernity with yesteryear, while the gorgeous black and yellow-orange pairing shows the fun and serious sides of gaming.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The Oswald typeface is the first thing we notice when we see this logo. Its tall, bold linework expresses authority and breathes new life into your business name. The penguin is cute and streamlined, blending the qualities of beauty and minimalism, while bright green conveys freshness and vitality.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The simple pyramid base icon is minimalist and espouses the values of strong foundations and organization. Blue endows the logo with a professional air, while the touch of orange is an eye-catching accent that holds attention. The simple and understated Montserrat typeface suits a conservative brand.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

Letter logos are typically used by tech companies and help to project simplicity and efficiency. Reducing your business name to its initials looks great as app icons on smartphones. The light blue "n" in the Poppins typeface is stylish and embodies notions of efficiency and optimism.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The Russo One typeface is the most salient element in this logo. It has a loud and commanding presence without any dramatic linework. This suits a minimalist brand, and the icon of a figure at the edge of a cliff celebrates effort and achievement. The blue color projects trust and reliability.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The Philosopher typeface has calligraphic roots that inspire ease and lightness. When paired with the icon of a gentle butterfly made of simple geometric shapes, it creates an emblem of a minimalist and modern brand. Purple and yellow-green mix a sense of magic with tranquility and good health.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The lack of serifs on the Kodchasan typeface gives it an affable and friendly personality that welcomes people in. Teal inspires creativity and curiosity that appeals to children, and the icon of a bull in minimalist form is cute and cuddly instead of wild and dangerous.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

Simple linework manifests in the shape of an archer, expressing ambition and direction and suiting a business that shares these values. Red encapsulates the passion and desire to succeed, while the weighty Oswald typeface is strong and sturdy, providing the foundations of that success.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The figure of a woman is sketched with a loose hand, evoking feelings of lightness and minimalism that pairs well with a wellness brand. Green suits an eco-friendly philosophy while brown has an earthy, natural quality. The Marmelad typeface has slender lines that mimic the shape of the body.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

Ideas of unity, collaboration, and efficiency come to life with this minimalist and geometric icon of connecting lines. In yellow-orange, it conveys fun and positivity, while the detailed serifs on the Caudex typeface point to a premium brand and one that is respected and trusted in its industry.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

The icon of a puppy is loosely sketched with ink, creating a minimalist effect that maximizes simplicity. This is balanced by the Rum Raisin typeface, the bolder linework of which contrasts against the icon and has a happy-go-lucky personality. Purple associates the brand with magical qualities.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

How do you say "we are the home of cannabis?" This simple yet effective icon accomplishes that by saying a lot with very minimal detail. The brown and green color palette establishes a connection with the natural world, and the Ubuntu typeface has the calm, laid back personality of a stoner.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

Two vibrant colors catch the eye in a sea of advertisements and hold attention. Pink conveys harmony and has a chic aesthetic, while light blue represents creativity and optimism. The sharp serifs on the Playfair Display typeface elevate its status and the symmetric icon points to design mastery.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

Simple geometric shapes come together to make the image of a fish, creating a minimalist and efficient design that appeals to a seafood delivery service. Orange and magenta blend cool and warm tones to great effect, while the Mali typeface has a hand-drawn appearance that adds a personal touch.

Minimalist logo for a business called Noula. Edit

If you want your business name to stand out above all else, you might be interested in a minimalist text logo that omits icons and bright colors in favor of centering your name. In this case, the clean Blinker typeface has a heaviness that grants it authority and importance without saying much.

Modern and Simple Logos

20 minimalistic and trendy logo ideas for your business.


What are minimalist logos?

Minimalist logos are clean and simple designs that forego detail and excess for simplicity and efficiency. A great minimalist logo will use simple geometric shapes and a monotone color palette to communicate its business identity.

  1. Think about what makes your brand unique and what associates it with the qualities of minimalism.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's offerings, or words that associate with simplicity, modernity, artfulness, or more.
  3. Use a minimalistic logo maker to come up with some minimalist logo ideas.
  4. Use feedback from family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  5. Pick your best minimalist logo ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  6. Download the best minimalistic logos.

Where can I download free minimalist logos?

You can create, edit, and download minimalist logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

Why are companies using minimalist logos?

  • They are timeless designs that are not likely to go out of style.
  • They feature simple geometric shapes that are scalable to fit all kinds of displays.
  • They become instantly recognizable brand identifiers.
  • They appeal to millennials.
  • They are versatile and highly adaptable.
  • They make great app icons on smartphones.

Are minimalist logos good?

A good logo is one that communicates your brand identity in clever visual terms. If your brand is synonymous with efficiency and practicality or wants to have an instantly recognizable symbol without any fluff, then a minimalist logo is ideal for you.

Why is minimalist designing good?

Minimalist design rests on the principle that less is more. It trims the fat and leaves a simple icon that is instantly recognizable as belonging to a certain brand, without any need to "read" the logo for images or words. Minimalist design trumps complex design when it comes to logo-making for this reason.

A flat minimalist logo is one that is devoid of texture and depth to make a two-dimensional design. This makes it easier to read without having to scan it for meaning, creating a simple and minimalist design.

A good minimalist logo condenses the personality and ethos of a company into a single emblem. It uses sparse linework and minimum color choices to make a brandable company symbol. The result is that it achieves a lot while not looking very busy.

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