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Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

The light blue background gives this original logo design a calm character that's accentuated by the crescent moon and subtle stars. The red leaves contrast perfectly with the light background, and the bold letters of the dark blue Odibee Sans typeface draw attention to the business name.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

A smiling moon is the ideal symbol for a bedding business that focuses on products for babies, toddlers, and children. The curly light-blue Sacramento typeface is playful and light-hearted, thus suitable for children. The dark blue circular frame adds a touch of formality.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

The butterfly is a symbol of renewal and represents an elevation from earthly matters. As such, the use of a butterfly metaphor as a bedding logo is appropriate. The use of a deep, saturated pink hue helps to emphasize the company name, which is presented in the robust DM Serif Text typeface.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

In this logo, the Odibee Sans typeface stands out in stark contrast to the night sky, making it highly visible. The house, with the moon and palm trees in the background, evokes a scene of deep sleep, while the peacefulness of the deep blue background creates an intriguing ambiance.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

A classic black and white color palette signifies industry experience and proximity to customers. The company name is presented in the Source Code Pro typeface, which is easy to read and gives the logo a modern touch in combination with the graphics. The cute sleep mask adds an inviting, casual air.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

This dreamy logo draws attention with an elegant blue and white color palette and a striking cloud and crescent moon graphic, suggesting that your bedding will provide a restful night's sleep. The subtle stars add a peaceful touch, while the structured Biryani typeface adds an air of authority.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

This icon is innovative in its depiction of a person's eyes and eyebrows. Red conveys love and passion, and the eyelashes are reminiscent of the feathers used to make bedding comfortable. The slender lettering of the Cinzel typeface matches the sleek icon and conveys a professional brand.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

A nighttime theme is evoked in this image of a silhouetted figure balanced on a crescent moon while reaching for the stars above. This theme of dreams is enhanced by the very dark blue color palette, while the monolinear Sacramento typeface can be used in formal and casual logos.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

The owl is a nocturnal bird and a symbol of intelligence — a quality we nurture when we get enough sleep. Nighttime is reflected in the use of a blue and gray-blue palette. The Source Code Pro typeface's lettering appears to have been handwritten, creating a playful effect.

Bedding logo for a business called Fifty Winks. Edit

The abstract, clean lines of this monochromatic logo are memorable, and the image ties in well with the geometric Josefin Sans typeface, which is based on sans serif designs from the 1920s. The elegant, vintage feel of the black suggests that your company offers old-school values of excellence.

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Before you choose a logo, think about the products and the type of bedding business you wish to open. Is the target market for adults, children, or does it combine bedding for all ages? Do you wish to sell sophisticated, expensive bedding or do you want to cater to all demographics? Play around with a logo maker until you find the logo you love.

You can create, edit, and download free bedding logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

Think about abstract ideas related to sleep such as rest, relaxation, healing, growth, and respite. Focus on items in the world related to sleep such as feathers, pillows, duvets, blankets, sheets, and mattresses. When you have come up with an appropriate image, you can search for a font that matches it.

  • A monogram logo, consisting of initials, can be used if your business has a long name.
  • A wordmark logo has no image. If you choose this, use a bold typeface or font.
  • You can use an abstract image in the place of a real object, allowing you to create an original design.
  • A mascot logo is a good choice for a children's bed sheet business.

Where can I find bed linen logos?

If you need ideas for your bedding logos, take a look at some of our great ideas for inspiration.

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