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Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

The use of the Kodchasan Bold font brings to mind the cultural influences of henna and appeals to a younger audience. The beautiful mehndi icon showcases the types of designs used in henna artwork. The dark brown color palette adds an earthy, natural vibe that speaks to the origin of henna.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

The black and gold color palette gives this logo a subtly elegant, sophisticated air, perfect for a henna business that caters to formal events like weddings. The delicate floral motif enhances the natural, earth-oriented qualities of the henna plant and dye, pairing well with the Quando typeface.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

A simple logo design that elevates one of the traditional colors of henna dye. Using the Kodchasan Bold font is a clever way to invoke the flowing, curving lines of henna artworks, without the need for an icon. The deep red color and transparent background make this logo visible on any surface.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

The subtle complexity of the mandala design in this logo catches the eye. It shows your customers that your focus is on providing the best henna designs possible. The dark rose tone is one of the colors that henna paste comes in and gives the delicate Goudy Bookletter 1911 typeface prominence.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

This spiraled icon resembles the fiddlehead of a fern, conveying a sense of nature and growth. The dark blue background adds luxuriousness to the logo, allowing the delicate salmon design to stand out. The elegant Cormorant Infant typeface reinforces the notions of quality and expertise.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

A beautifully simple design that uses the Quando typeface for a playful edge. The more tribal influence on the icon shows a versatile and modern style, while the orange color adds energy to the logo. A great option for a henna business that offers its services at children's parties or at festivals.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

The stacked placement and spiral shape of the icon draws the eye in a hypnotizing way. The almost tribal design and ash brown color give it a more trendy style that will appeal to a younger generation. The Kodchasan typeface, with its casual appearance, enhances this appeal.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

Sometimes, less is more in logo designs, and this is no exception. The Cinzel typeface, inspired by early Roman inscriptions, lends a sense of history to this design but with a contemporary twist. The purple color conveys an air of luxury and creativity that pairs well with the henna industry.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

The combination of dark blue and gold in this design gives the logo a royal appeal. The radial icon creates an optimistic impression, while the curved lines gently lead the eye to the business name. The sharp terminals of the Inria Serif typeface reinforce the luxurious appeal of the logo.

Henna logo for a business called Body Mehndi. Edit

This delicate mandala design resembles a sun rising over the horizon, creating a sense of warmth and new beginnings, which is reinforced by the orange color. The thin and elegant characters of the Questrial typeface add a contemporary appeal to the design and underscore the icon perfectly.

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Think about what you want to convey with your henna logo. Are you going to go for the more traditional, floral elements? Or do you want to attract a younger, more current crowd with a more trendy feel? Experiment with the many unique icons and typefaces in our henna logo maker until you find the logo that conveys your brand.

What do henna symbols mean?

Some popular henna symbols include flowers, which represent happiness and joy, and vines and leaves, which represent devotion and vitality. Both symbols are great choices for a henna logo.

You can try playing with typefaces such as Kodchasan, Quando, or Marko One to appeal to a younger customer and lend your logo an air of playfulness and amiability. Try an icon with a more tribal or hard edge to it, rather than the traditional floral, vine, or flowing elements of henna symbols.

How can I come up with great henna logo designs?

When coming up with a henna logo design, you should think about your brand and what kind of message you want to send to customers. Are you offering fun henna tattoos suitable for festivals? Or a more traditional style for weddings and events? What kind of customers do you want to attract? What does henna art mean to you?

Where can I download free henna logos?

You can create, edit, and download free henna logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our home page.

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