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Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

The purple tones of this logo denote elegance and luxury, which is ideal for a lingerie brand that uses high-quality fabrics. The brush script lettering of the Sacramento typeface adds to the allure of the design, while the natural accent adds delicacy to the large bra icon.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

The vibrant pink background creates a fun and light-hearted feeling commonly associated with looking and feeling your best, which might be exactly what you'd like your lingerie brand to represent. Combined with the chic Rosarivo typeface, this cheeky icon will highlight your brand's playfulness.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

A feeling of femininity and magic exudes from this design, created by the curved flower-like icon and the beautiful shades of bright pink and sky blue. The hint of black in the center of the icon allows the design to pop and pairs well with the flowing letterforms of the Lily Script One typeface.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

The wings on the bralette, combined with the soft blue color scheme, create an image of divinity. This might suggest that your brand is all about refinement and will reassure customers of your apparel's heavenly fit. The Sacramento typeface resembles a handwritten note and adds a personal touch.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

Bold and modern, this logo will appeal to customers that enjoy the sensuality of lingerie. The purple color scheme denotes luxury, while the heart icon symbolizes love. Tied together by the Cardo typeface, this logo is ideal for a brand that's passionate about making clients feel beautiful.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

The red-hot bra and hanger combo is eye-catching and screams "Vixen," which is perfect for an X-rated lingerie business. While the logo is minimalistic, the clean, structured lines of the Questrial typeface and sleek design of the icon are sure to grab the attention of potential customers.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

The delicate linework of the icon illustrates the softness and luxury of the design, which might suggest that your business sells undergarments fit for a lady of leisure. The deep burgundy color scheme feels sophisticated and is complemented by the high-quality detailing of the Rosarivo typeface.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

Bold and unique, this logo uses organic shapes to convey the subliminal message that eroticism and spontaneity can come from wearing sexy lingerie. The deep red and black color palette and rounded lettering of the Dosis typeface look sophisticated and will appeal to those comfortable in lingerie.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

This sensual logo design uses the pink silhouette of a woman to illustrate femininity and seductiveness, while the brown circle adds a sense of movement and energy. The 1950s style Cookie typeface feels elegant and harkens back to a time of love and romance. Ideal for a vintage lingerie brand.

Lingerie logo for a business called Satin Boutique. Edit

The soft tones of yellow resemble the sun, which hints at your lingerie brand's ability to make clients feel radiant. The racy icon is a tantalizing depiction of how great clients will look in your lingerie, while the Monsieur La Doulaise typeface gives the logo a sophisticated feel.

Seductive Logos

20 sensual logo ideas for your business.


Is there a lingerie logo maker?

Yes, Zarla is an intuitive logo maker that can quickly and easily generate hundreds of logos for your lingerie business.

Warm colors like red and hot pink are eye-catching and will add a flirty element to your logo. For a more sophisticated design, incorporate light shades of purple, orange, or blue to convey your brand's affinity for luxury. A black and white color scheme works well for a traditional logo, while a hint of bright blue will add a touch of playfulness.

Brush script typefaces, such as Rosario or Monsieur La Doulaise, are ideal for vintage brands that want their logo to denote romance. The Overpass typeface's round lettering conveys youthfulness, while the structured lines of the Cardo and Questrial typefaces are great for modern logos. See our collection of lingerie logos for inspiration.

  1. Decide what message you'd like your logo to convey about your brand.
  2. Look at some existing lingerie logos and identify common trends.
  3. Select your favorite ones and jot down what you like best about their colors, fonts, and icons.
  4. Use a lingerie logo maker to create the perfect design for your business.
  5. Ask friends and family for their feedback.
  6. Choose the logo with the best response and download it.

Fashion is all about representing your brand and style. To ensure your lingerie logo is fashionable, use a stylish icon, such as a bralette, lace stencils, a female silhouette, or flowers. You can use different colors to illustrate what your brand's style is all about, so experiment with pinks, purples, reds, and blues to find the best shade.

Where can I download free lingerie logos?

You can create, edit, and download free lingerie logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our home page.

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