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Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

The contrast created by the dark background and the vibrant icon commands attention, instantly drawing the eye to the business's name. The subtle detail of the white flower above the lively orange pot suggests that you offer outdoor pots, while the Lusitana typeface adds a touch of charm.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

Inspired by old-school analog, the grunge effect of the Special Elite typeface pairs well with the rustic color palette. The mud-splattered hand featured in the icon hints that customers will be getting their hands dirty, making this the perfect logo for a hands-on pottery class.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

A modern choice that will look exceptional on promotional material. The Poppins Medium font easily complements the sleek and stylish icon, accentuating the subtle elegance of the pottery emblem. This logo is the perfect addition to a social group or community project that's focused on pottery.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

This pretty logo instantly reveals the nature of your business, thanks to the elaborate icon and its vibrant color scheme. Pink is typically used in advertising to represent femininity, which happens to be the inspiration behind the elaborate Elsie Swash Caps typeface used in this logo design.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

A brilliant choice for a pottery business that specializes in vibrant colors and unique pottery designs. The icon features multiple pots, suggesting that you've got plenty of stock to choose from. The structured Poppins typeface is chic and modern, qualities that appeal to an online customer base.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

Initially designed for web and print, the Advent Pro font shines in this golden design, giving it a modern twist. The subtle stars surrounding the icon suggest that your pottery collection is out of this world. With an icon placed above the logo, you'll easily draw attention to the name.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

A simple but tasteful logo design. The Comfortaa typeface looks charming and old-school, while the pottery-inspired logo hints that you're the home of all things pottery. The color scheme represents beauty, purity, and class — all great qualities for those looking to create a distinguished brand.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

A majestic logo that captivates the eye, thanks to the prominent icon and the simplistic Lusitana typeface. By sticking to two colors that signify trust and peace, the logo looks sophisticated and respectable. Those who offer hands-on pottery classes will enjoy marketing this gem.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

A modest but charming choice. The contrast formed between the traditional pottery-inspired icon and modern Advent Pro font creates a chic logo that offers the best of both. The black and white color scheme is the ideal fit for a reputable brand, as it's often used to communicate class and serenity.

Pottery logo for a business named Pottery Charm Edit

The three colors incorporated into this design pair well together, creating an enchanting logo that will pop on promotional material like uniforms, banners, and stationery. The Poppins typeface is also readable and clear, which helps the icon stand out further. Perfect for a pottery décor store.


Try using our free pottery logo maker to help create several charming and trendy logo designs. If you're looking to find your unique style, consider playing around with the intuitive customization tools.

  1. Identify your brand's style and message.
  2. Use a pottery logo maker for inspiration.
  3. Look for logo designs that embody your brand's identity.
  4. Ask friends and family for feedback.
  5. Make use of online surveys and polls.
  6. Choose a logo that received positive feedback and make it your own.

How can I come up with a unique pottery logo design?

Draw inspiration from your pottery collection and different artists. A good pottery logo generally features one or more potted items to help attract the appropriate target market. Once you have a shortlist of ideas, don't hesitate to ask your potential customers for feedback.

How can I get a pottery logo in vector files?

You can use Zarla to create your custom pottery logo and download it in the SVG vector format.

Popular icons in pottery logos include one or multiple pots, which may be accompanied by hands or flower-inspired designs. To help add a unique twist to this simple icon, consider adding intricate details like pottery carvings or colorful palettes. Our collection of logo ideas has a range of creative pottery icons on display.

Where can I download free pottery logos?

You can create, edit, and download free pottery logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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