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Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

This logo utilizes KoHo Bold, a font inspired by geometric proportions and humanist san serifs, to convey a futuristic overtone. The simple drone silhouette symbol, taken from the top, is artfully proportioned to balance the overall look. Dark blue gives the design a confident, established air.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

This bright red logo's design is a combination of angular edges and contoured lines. The prominent Josefin Sans typeface is set to bold, which smartly matches the text with the image above. A drone with a camera is highly effective at communicating this company's purpose and operations.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

Staatliches Regular is a clean-cut font created for advertising displays and matches perfectly with the drone icon above. By combining light blue and black, this logo conveys approachability and professionalism, while also effortlessly drawing the eye towards the name of the business.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

Grey is seen as a practical and stable color by consumers and is usually associated with higher-end brands. The Changa-SemiBold font is eye-catching and determined, giving the design a confident feeling. The uniform color scheme does an excellent job of merging the name and icon of this logo.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

The use of circles gives this sleek logo a mesmerizing appeal. KoHo SemiBold is a great font that matches the drone icon above and adds an edgy undertone to the overall design. The use of thicker lines in the center of the design draws attention, but doesn't dominate the design's look.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

This design uses dark blue, a color associated with knowledge, professionalism, and reliability, and pairs it with a Teko typeface that was designed for advertising and displays. The appealing drone icon uses circular shapes and thick lines to communicate confidence, commitment, and strength.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

A KoHo Bold typeface has been used in an extra-large font size to create a sense of determination and confidence. The font is simple, yet elegant and further enhanced by the choice of black, which is traditionally associated with authority, power, and intelligence.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

The Sen typeface was created to convey sensibility and friendliness. In its capitalized form, the lettering does an excellent job of balancing out the design's large, descriptive symbol. Gray is associated with high-end goods and technology which will appeal to a drone business's target market.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

Sapphire is a unique color that conveys ideas of elegance and prestige. This has been balanced by a playful icon that uses squares and circles to represent stability and continuity. A geometric Josefin Sans typeface draws in the eye and also complements the thickset design of this logo.

Drone logo for a business called FlyCapture. Edit

This eye-catching design uses the KoHo SemiBold font, which has mechanical and calligraphic elements, along with a descriptive drone icon. The logo incorporates ideas of energy and stability, with a dual red and black color scheme that is associated with energy, action, confidence, and strength.


Where can I find some drone logo ideas?

We've put together a list of our top ten drone logo ideas to inspire you. You can create, edit, and download free drone logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

Where can I get a drone logo vector design?

With Zarla, you can generate hundreds of logo ideas instantly. If you like what you see, download your design in vector and PNG format for free.

  • Look at what other drone businesses are using in their logo designs.
  • Search for common symbols, colors, and typefaces or fonts that fit the drone industry.
  • Write down some keywords that define your business and the drone products you sell.
  • Use a logo generator to get a few ideas for your drone logo.
  • Create a top ten list of ideas to work from when designing your own logo.
  • Play around with different color combinations, icons, and fonts to see if you can make a winning design.
  • Share your ideas with friends and family and get feedback on your list of logos.

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