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Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

The dominance of the color blue encapsulates the feeling of a boundless ocean without end, and the swoosh beneath the surfer's board gives him speed and dynamism. Blue and white complement each other well, evoking trust and the purity of ecstasy. The slanted Exo Bold Italic font is wavy and clean.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

Balance is cleverly illustrated by the contrast between the straight line of the surfboard and the curling line of the wave, making for interesting geometry. Gray and orange blends energy and professionalism, making this a great logo for a surf school, and the Russo typeface is bold and confident.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

Two surfboards that cross like swords project speed and agility. The shield around it evokes strength and durability, making this a good logo for a company that makes premium, aerodynamic surfboards. Dark blue and cinnabar convey trust and love, and the Pirata One typeface has a memorable design.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

The blue whale and New Orleans color combination give this logo a vintage feel, and this aesthetic is matched by the stenciled, refined lines of the Cardo typeface. The image of a surfer carrying his board to a sunny beach harkens back to a bygone era, creating nostalgia in the viewer.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

Blue is swapped out for red in this logo, creating an entirely different mood. Red catches the eye and conveys intensity and passion, mimicking the love for the sport, and the seagull flying above evokes oneness with nature. The business name is highly readable in the bold, black Poppins typeface.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

The surfboard seems to defy gravity in this icon, and its resistance to the flow of the tide suggests strength and durability. The blue color palette evokes reliability, while the elongated curves of the Pattaya typeface mirror the flowing lines of the waves, giving thematic consistency to the logo.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

The wave behind this surfer forms a cradle as if to protect and guide the surfer. This makes it ideal for a surf brand with a focus on fostering and catering to a surfing community. The Eastern blue and carrot orange pairing evokes joy and energy, and the Play typeface is bold and readable.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

The surfer steeped in green evokes feelings of freshness and vitality, and also appeals to nature and environmentalism. This logo is suited to a surf brand that only sells environmentally friendly products and promotes sustainability. The business name in the Lato typeface is sharp and crisp.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

The surfboard in this logo looks like a shark's fin, and the water seems to swell with danger. The dark color palette also hints at something sinister abound. This is an ideal logo for a shark-spotting service for surfers. The Monda typeface is sleek and clear, giving power to your business name.

Surf logo for a business called The Swell. Edit

The palm tree, sun, and waves belong to the island of some faraway paradise. The summer aesthetic and swelling waves make this a great logo for a popular surf spot, despite the lack of clear surfing icons. The orange color palette mimics sweltering heat in which the Odibee typeface drips and melts.

20 Blue Logos for You to Use and Customize

Unique and creative blue logo ideas for your business.


A great surf logo will merge your brand identity with nautical imagery in a creative and memorable way. Icons such as waves, surfboards, and sunsets pair well with blues, oranges, and whites, and a typeface with a wavy aesthetic mimics the ocean waves.

A vintage surf logo might incorporate visual elements that represent a specific time period. For example, psychedelic colors might represent the '60s, and pixeled graphics might create a '90s aesthetic. Choose typography that resembles stenciled lettering, as well as a weathered look to create the effect of age.

Zarla is a free logo maker that allows for customization. Pick one of our surf logos and change the color palette to gray, brown, and black to give it a vintage feel.

  1. Write down some key points about your business and its values.
  2. Think of surf-related icons that represent your company's unique offerings. A surf shop logo might use surfboard icons, but a surf school logo might emphasize learning.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with a few ideas for your surf logo.
  4. Pick your favorite ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  5. Show your family and friends and ask them what they think.
  6. Use their feedback to narrow your final selection.
  7. Pick your favorite logo and download it.

Which logo maker can I use to design a surf logo in vector format?

Zarla is a free and intuitive logo maker that allows you to design and download surf logos in vector format. Vector images can be enlarged without losing their resolution, making them ideal for branding.

Where can I find surf logo templates?

You can create, edit, and download free surf logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our home page.

What are some famous surf brand logos?

  • Billabong.
  • Quicksilver.
  • Hurley.
  • Rip Curl.
  • Volcom.
  • Vans.
  • O'Neill.
  • Channel Islands Surfboards.

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